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Steps to audit the total process for workers compensation. Ways to reduce risk and lower losses. Manual of procedures. Claim checklist. Designation of physician form.

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Assess Your Workers Comp Program [38817] ?

The 10 areas of assessment you should be looking at to control your Workers' Comp costs

CA-California State Administrative Manual - Workers Compensation [13153] ?

Full text of the WC Program section of the administrative manual for state agencies

Cutting Workers Compensation Costs [16108] ?

How to cut WC premiums by reducing accidents and managing injuries

NV-Nevada Risk Management Program [15585] ?

Forms, program materials, checklists for state agencies in Nevada

Updated Obesity Increases Workers Compensation Costs [30604] ?

Researchers looked at the relationship between body mass index (BMI) and the rate of workers' compensation claims

Volume III: Workers Compensation Exposures [9427] ?

Full text of the WC risk management program for state agencies in Texas

WC Cost Allocation [21972] ?

Designing a Performance-Based Cost Allocation Program

Worker's Compensation Procedures [8379] ?

Full text of a university's workers compensation procedures

Workers Comp Cost Reduction [38825] ?

Advice for employers and risk managers

Workers Comp Improvement Plan [38818] ?

Steps to control your Workers' Comp costs

Workers Comp Issues by Industry [38827] ?

Includes transitional / modified duty ideas for injured workes

Workers Compensation Audit Checklist [pdf] [1529] ?

Sample audit form

Workers Compensation Manual [19372] ?

Text of a WC manual in use by a Texas university

Workers Compensation Procedures [23472] ?

Example of WC procedures in place at a California university

Workers Compensation Program [8311] ?

A university's workers compensation program

Workers Compensation Risk Allocation Program [pdf] [24067] ?

Different techniques for cost allocations

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Claims Management / Return to Work
Managing workers compensation costs by returning injured workers to work

Claims Management / WC Managed Care
Guidance on managed care in workers compensation to control medical costs

Risk Mgt / Programs
Full text of risk management policy and procedure manuals

Risk Mgt / Risk Management Dept
Home pages of risk management departments

Risk Mgt / RMIS
Information on risk management information systems (RMIS)

Safety Mgt / Injury Codes
Sample injury code tables and related information

Safety Mgt / Management
Strategies for loss control & workplace safety programs, safety incentives, etc.

Safety Mgt / Safety Programs
Full text of over 30 workplace safety and health programs & manuals

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