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Statistics such as average total cost per case, lost time reports, fatalities, workplace safety reports, fraud activity, etc.

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1992 Costs of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses [25758] ?

Study attempted to estimate the total costs of occupational injuries and illnesses to the United States in 1992

2013 WC Prescription Drug Study Key Findings [pdf] [36952] ?

An analysis of prescription drug dispensing in workers compensation claims

CA-California: Study of the Cost of Pharmaceuticals in Workers Compensation [15835] ?

Reviews the pricing of drugs dispensed in WC relative to other states and systems

Canada Workers Compensation Board Statistical Data [24797] ?

Compares key financial and statistical measures

CO-Colorado Work-Related Injuries [11150] ?

Lost time reports prepared by the Colorado Division of Workers Compensation

DE-Delaware WC Data Reports / Special Studies [16328] ?

Provides a variety of reports related to WC in Delaware

FL-Florida Workers Compensation Statistics [2944] ?

Various workers compensation-related statistics from the state of Florida

GA-Georgia WC Annual Report [11191] ?

Analysis of WC in the state of Georgia

HI-Hawaii Workers Compensation Data [15245] ?

Reported and processed WC cases, including costs

KS-Kansas Workers Compensation Statistics [23185] ?

Statistics on closed claims to ascertain the effectiveness of the Workers Compensation Act

LA-Louisiana Workers Compensation Statistics [23189] ?

OWCA annual reports

MI-Michigan WC Statistics [26364] ?

Workers compensation annual reports for the State of MI

MN-Minnesota Workers Compensation Reports [15282] ?

Research and statistics of WC in Minnesota

MN-Minnesota: Workers Compensation Statistics [11218] ?

Series of reports analyzing WC claims in the state of Minnesota

MS-Mississippi WCC Annual Reports [15302] ?

Annual report of occupational injuries and illnesses in Mississippi

NE-Nebraska Annual Report [15326] ?

Obtain a variety of facts and figures related to WC in Nebraska

NIOSH Center for Workers Compensation Studies [40439] ?

Use workers compensation data to prevent and reduce the severity of workplace injuries and illnesses

NJ-New Jersey Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau Actuarial Statistics [11237] ?

Average cost per case, loss development factors, expense ratios and more

NJ-New Jersey WC Data [15328] ?

Accident and filing statistics, WC schedule of disabilities. for the state of New Jersey

NM-New Mexico WC Annual Reports and Bulletins [15059] ?

WC costs, statistical tables, etc.

NY-New York Workers Compensation Rating Board Statistics [15336] ?

Average WC claim cost and frequency, loss development factors and more

Updated OH-Ohio WC Facts and Figures [21600] ?

State of Ohio data for WC injuries and illnesses

Older Workers Face More Serious Consequences from Workplace Injuries [25735] ?

This is true even though older workers have fewer workplace accidents

OR-Oregon WC Statistics [15340] ?

Oregon claims and audit reports

OR-Oregon Workers Compensation Reports [22611] ?

Claims data and related statistics for WC in the State

PA-Pennsylvania WC Data Reports / Special Studies [16329] ?

Provides a variety of reports related to WC in Pennsylvania

PA-Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Statistics [18725] ?

Pennsylvania workers compensation and workplace safety report

RI-Rhode Island WC Statistics [21027] ?

Provides a variety of reports related to WC in Rhode Island

WCRI Benchmarks [25736] ?

Benchmarks presented here are for claims with more than 7 days of lost time

WI-Wisconsin: WC Statistics [11269] ?

Report on Worker's Illness and Injury Claims in Wisconsin

Workers Compensation Calculators [38822] ?

Help your management team understand your true Workers' Comp expense and how it impacts your bottom line

Workers Compensation Research Institute Abstracts [15099] ?

Abstracts of WC studies peformed by WCRI

Workers' Compensation Briefs and Fact Sheets [25737] ?

Results from WC studies and reports

WV-West Virginia WC Statistics [23154] ?

Workers compensation statistical tables

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