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State workers compensation rating boards and inspection bureaus.

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CA-California Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau [20458] ?

Licensed rating organization and the designated statistical agent of the CA Insurance Commissioner

DE-Delaware Compensation Rating Bureau [16327] ?

Rating plans for WC in Delaware

IN-Indiana Compensation Rating Bureau [15251] ?

Gathers information from member companies to establish fair & adequate advisory rates

MA-Massachusetts Workers Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau [20457] ?

The rating organization for workers' compensation insurance in Massachusetts

MI-Michigan - Compensation Advisory Organization [16332] ?

Assigned Risk Rates, etc. for WC in Michigan

MN-Minnesota Workers Compensation Insurers Assoc. Inc [16333] ?

Collects data from all member insurers licensed to sell WC in MN & manages Assigned Risk Plan

NC-North Carolina WC Rate Bureau [15444] ?

Establishes rules and premium rates for WC in North Carolina

NCCI - WC Residual MarketsTraining [16753] ?

Webinars explain workers compensation residual markets

ND-North Dakota WC Rates [15271] ?

Rates for workers compensation

NJ-New Jersey Compensation and Rating Bureau [4890] ?

Establish rules, regulations and premium rates for WC and employers liability insurance

NY-New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board [11244] ?

Create workers' compensation insurance rates for the State of New York

PA-Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau [16326] ?

Rating plans for WC in Pennsylvania

TX-Texas Workers Compensation Rate Guide [13380] ?

Rate guide published to assist in comparison shopping for WC & employers liability insurance

WA-Washington Industrial Insurance Rates & Risk Classes [16339] ?

Rating programs for WC in the state of Washington

WI-Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau [16338] ?

Rating plans for WC in Wisconsin

WY-Wyoming Workers Compensation Base Rates [15280] ?

Provides the WC base rates for the state of Wyoming

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