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11 Resources
CA-California Workers Comp Executive [16077] ?

Publications provides resources on WC in the state of California

CA-California: Workers Comp Executive [12411] ?

Published 23 times per year & provides information for the workers' comp community in California

CA: What's New at DIR [15075] ?

The latest regulatory news from the California Dept of Industrial Relations

CompWatch [3519] ?

Series of short news articles related to workers compensation issues

GA-Georgia Workers Comp [18030] ?

Selected articles from an online journal covering Georgia's WC system

Minnesota COMPACT Newsletter [15287] ?

A Newsletter for Workers' Compensation Professionals

NCCI Research Briefs [29219] ?

The results of workers compensation research studies performed by NCCI

PA-Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Journal [24599] ?

An online digest of developments in Pennsylvania WC practice and disclosure

Reports from the California Commission on Safety & Health & Workers Compensation [8581] ?

Annual reports and analysis of the status of safety & health and workers comp in California

WorkCompCentral [11768] ?

Focus is on California WC news

Workers' Compensation Benefits - A State-By-State Overview [18032] ?

An overview of workers' compensation benefits by state

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