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Residual market overview. 24 hour coverage. Insurance industry and workers compensation profitability.

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2011 WC Study - Excess Loss Development [pdf] [40159] ?

Key findings of the report

About Retro [27359] ?

Understanding the basics about WC retrospective rating programs

Achieving Cost Reductions through Workers Compensation Reform [21966] ?

A few of the more significant areas employers and insurers should be attuned to when it is time for WC reform

ADA and Workers Compensation [36825] ?

Addresses some common misunderstandings regarding the interaction of workers compensation and the ADA

Attaining a Perfect Score for Your Mod [35501] ?

Attaining your perfect score directly impacts your work comp premium costs

Basics of Workers Compensation Insurance [36400] ?

While plans do vary between states, work comp insurance generally covers the following

Basics: Workers Compensation [38826] ?

A generic overview - not state-specific

Basics: Workers Compensation [38824] ?

A general overview

CA-California American Ombudsman Enterprises ADR Programs [11805] ?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs for construction firms in California

CA-California Supervisor's WC Guide [25700] ?

Example of a community college's guidance to supervisors regarding workers compensation injuries

California - Impacts on WC Mod by Business Owner Changes [27219] ?

Changes in ownership and what happens to an employer's experience when changes occur

California's Experience Rating System [21831] ?

A learning module

Carve-outs in Workers Compensation [15836] ?

An Analysis of Experience in the California Construction Industry

Clamp Down on WC Costs [25769] ?

How to lower the WC experience modification and other cost reduction ideas

Does Claim Count Affect the Mod [35503] ?

The following relates to experience rating in states that use the NCCI or similar rating methodology

Employer/Employee Relationship in WC [16690] ?

Independent contractors, PEOs, and their WC relationships to the employer

Employers Liability Insurance - Exclusions [38716] ?

An overview of 12 specific exclusions

Employers Liability Insurance and Monopolistic States [38717] ?

Employers insured in monopolistic states need to obtain employers liability coverage elsewhere via a stop gap

Glossary of Terms: Workers Compensation Insurance [3517] ?

Alphabetical listing of terms related to workers compensation insurance & their definitions

Loss Reserving [pdf] [27213] ?

An actuarial perspective of best estimate loss reserving

Monopolistic WC State Funds [38715] ?

The four monopolistic states are North Dakota, Ohio, Washington and Wyoming

NCCI - Advanced Experience Rating [27217] ?

An online educational webinar

NCCI - Basics of Experience Rating [27222] ?

An online webinar

NCCI - Basics of Experience Rating Ownership [25703] ?

Changes in an organizationís ownership structure can significantly impact their experience ratings

NCCI - CCPAP Webinar [27215] ?

This presentation covers the purpose and function of the Contracting Classification Premium Adjustment Program (CCPAP)

NCCI Class Codes [15383] ?

In most states, this is the WC classification system used to price WC insurance premiums

NCCI Experience Rating Worksheet [27218] ?

Online educational webinar

NCCI Frequency/Severity Reports [29225] ?

Annual reports on workers compensation

NCCI Webinars - Underwriting [27212] ?

Online tutorials on ratemaking, classification code changes, and more

NJ-New Jersey Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau Experience Rating [11236] ?

The NJCRIB Exploring Experience Rating booklet

PA-Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau Pricing Programs [16331] ?

Descriptions of PCRB and carrier programs which may affect employers' workers compensation premiums

Self-Insured WC Outsourcing [29067] ?

Perils when self-insured employers outsource the management of their workers' comp programs

State Funds: Their Role in Workers' Compensation [16505] ?

Provides basic overview of the different kinds of state funds

State Requirements for Workers Compensation Insurance [pdf] [30014] ?

A chart by state of employer requirements for workers compensation insurance

State Workers Compensation Advisory Committees & Commissions [pdf] [30016] ?

A chart that lists state advisory committees and study commissions

State Workers Compensation Numerical Exemptions for Small Business [pdf] [30015] ?

A chart by state of numerical exemptions for workers compensation insurance

Statutes of Limitation in Workers Compensation Cases [12206] ?

States differ with regard to the amount of time they will allow for a claimant to file a claim

Unbundled Workers Compensation Program [12073] ?

Succeeding with an Unbundled Claims Management Approach

WC & the Aging Workforce [pdf] [24659] ?

Employing older workers and controlling workers compensation costs

WC Claims Leakage [38741] ?

How to reduce the negative impact of CL through the effective use of technology is the focus of this article

WC Outsourcing Controls [29068] ?

Lessons learned when outsourcing in self-insured workers' compensation systems

Workers Compensation and Course of Employment [17897] ?

Workers compensation laws require an injured employee to be within the course of employment to qualify for benefits

Workers Compensation and Medicare [18523] ?

This article addresses Medicare's concerns and their potential ramifications

Workers Compensation Key Facts [9195] ?

Key facts, current developments and background relating to workers compensation issues

Workers Compensation Reserves [35389] ?

Should be monitored closely to ensure they represent the ultimate cost of the claims

Workers Compensation Social Legislation versus a Vigorous Defense [14632] ?

Cost-saving tips for risk management

Workers Compensation System [21616] ?

Basics of WC

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