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State programs offering WC discounts for establishing drug-fee programs

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AL-Alabama WC Drug-Free Workplace Program [10616] ?

Outlines certification requirements of an employer's drug-free program to receive WC discounts

FL-Florida Employer's Guide to a Drug-Free Workplace [pdf] [12355] ?

Guidance related related to WC drug free workplace programs in Florida

GA-Georgia Workers Compensation Drug-Free Workplace Premium Credit Program Certification [15243] ?

Employers can apply for a discount on their WC premiums

KY-Kentucky Drug-Free Workplace - WC [40329] ?

Employer eligibility to receive discount on their workers compensation premium for having a drug-free workplace

OH-Ohio WC Drug-Free Safety Program [pdf] [930] ?

A cost-saving program which offers a premium discount for employers who implement the program

Title 72 Chapter 17 Idaho Employer Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Act [27932] ?

Establishes voluntary guidelines that can reduce WC premiums Establishes voluntary drug and alcohol testing guidelines

TN-Tennessee WC Drug Free Workplace Program [14402] ?

Tennessee offers WC discounts with implementation of a Drug Free Workplace Program

WI-Wisconsin WC Drug Law [pdf] [26064] ?

Claimant under the influence of alcohol or drugs can receive reduced benefits (pdf)

WV-West Virginia WC Drug Laws [26065] ?

Injured employees who are intoxicated at the time of the injury may be denied benefits

WY-Wyoming Health and Safety Consultation Employer Discount Program [26063] ?

A WC premium discount available if the employer complies

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