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Updated National Cancer Institute [2724] ?

Coordinates the US government's cancer research program

National Eye Institute [3421] ?

National Institute of Health division that conducts and supports vision research

Updated National Institute for Nursing Research [2857] ?

Nursing research designed to understand and ease the symptoms of acute and chronic illness

Updated National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases [3405] ?

Provides health information for the public - resources for health professionals and researchers

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences [2444] ?

NIH Institute for basic research on environment-related diseases

National Institute of Health [1132] ?

Conducts medical research for the US government

Updated National Institute of Mental Health [1675] ?

Mental health research organization portion of the US National Institute of Health

Updated National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism [1671] ?

Supports biomedical and behavioral research on alcoholism and alcohol-related problems

National Institute on Drug Abuse [2370] ?

NIDA supports over 85% of the world's research on health aspects of drug abuse and addiction

National Toxicology Program [35] ?

Conducts toxicological research for the US government

NIH - Institutes & Offices [639] ?

Links to institutes, centers and divisions that comprise the National Institute of Health

Office of Dietary Supplements [8622] ?

Drugs, supplements and herbal information

US National Library of Medicine [1130] ?

Part of National Institutes of Health

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