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Administration on Aging [2969] ?

Department of Health & Human Services office responsible for the needs of older Americans

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality [199] ?

Created to enhance the quality of health care services in the US

Updated Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry [918] ?

Responsible for health assessments of environmental hazards in US

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services [1517] ?

Federal agency that administers Medicare and Medicaid programs for US government

Department of Health & Human Services [1124] ?

Principle US agency for protecting public health and providing human services

Health Resources and Services Administration [14340] ?

Directs national health programs - rural health, HIV/AIDS, maternal/child health, telehealth, etc

Healthy People 2020 [1288] ?

US Public Health Service's national prevention initiative to improve the health of all Americans

Updated National Health Information Center [196] ?

US health information referral service for health professionals and consumers

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health [1123] ?

US HHS agency responsible for public health in the United States

Updated Office of the Inspector General [9010] ?

Main website for the OIG for the Department of Health and Human Services

Updated Office of the Surgeon General [12593] ?

Protects and advances the health of the USA through educating the public

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration [1134] ?

Responsible for US federal substance abuse & mental health services and programs

US Department of Health and Human Services [34070] ?

Responsible for federal health laws and regulations

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