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Opportunities to buy items the US Federal Government no longer needs. Information on government auctions, foreclosures, seized properties from the IRS, USSS, ATF, surplus goods, personal property and real estate.

20 Resources
Buy From the US Goverment [13770] ?

Find surplus property sales and auctions for US government

DOE Strategic Petroleum Reserve Surplus [13776] ?

Government surplus property sale

FDIC Asset Sales [13782] ?

Provides the information investors need about sales of FDIC loan assets and real estate

Federal Surplus Property Purchasing Programs [13788] ?

Surplus property - federal agencies dispose of unneeded property

GSA Auctions [27556] ?

Government Surplus, Seized and Forfeited Property

GSA Office of Property Disposal [13779] ?

Provides information about the handling of excess real property

GSA Property Disposal [13772] ?

Opportunities to buy items the Federal Government no longer needs

GSA Real Estate Services [27557] ?

Find resources on how to lease vacant properties, offer commercial space to the federal government, buy surplus property

GSA Surplus/Excess Property [13783] ?

Repository for excess government personal property

GSA Vehicle Sales [13780] ?

GSA vehicle sales at 17 auction locations

Homes for Sale by the US Government [27560] ?

Single and multi-family housing for sale as well as lots and buildings

HUD Homes for Sale [13781] ?

HUD sells both single family homes and multifamily properties

HUD Single Family Homes for Sale [13778] ?

Check out these listings of HUD homes for sale in your area

IRS Auctions [13786] ?

Internal Revenue Service Real and Personal Property Sales

SBA Guidance on Government Surplus [13784] ?

How to purchase goods from the government

SourceAmerica [14832] ?

An AbilityOne authorized enterprise

UNICOR [14831] ?

Federal Prison Industries Inc sales

US Army Corps of Engineers Homeowners Assistance Programs [13785] ?

Current Inventory of HAP Properties For Sale

US GovSales [14830] ?

Buy new, seized and surplus merchandise and real estate from the federal government

US Marshalls - Seized Asset Sales [5355] ?

Special sale announcements on seized assets

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