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US Customs and Border Control information, statistics, tips and more. Travel information on restricted and prohibited goods. Tips on getting through customs at ports of entry. Trade compliance and cargo security information.

6 Resources
Clearing Customs [34388] ?

Traveler entry forms, CBP inspection process, duty information and more.

Locate a Port Of Entry - Air, Land, or Sea [34390] ?

Links to the 327 official ports of entry in the United States.

US Customs and Border Protection [34384] ?

Responsible for securing the borders of the USA.

US Customs and Border Protection Contacts [34391] ?

List of ports of entry, border patrol sectors, field operations, and more contact information.

US Customs and Border Protection Trade Information [34385] ?

Importing, exporting, cargo security, trade programs and more from US CBP.

Wait Times - Airport and Border [34389] ?

Estimated wait times for incoming travelers at major US airports and northern and border crossings.

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