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CDC Center, Institute and Offices [2525] ?

A list of the offices and links to their websites

CDC Centers, Institutes & Offices [1036] ?

List and links to the centers, institutes and offices that comprise CDC

CDC Injury Prevention & Control [1414] ?

Center for Disease Control federal agency - Mission: to reduce injuries outside the workplace

CDC Office on Disability and Health [2867] ?

Develops public policies related to environmental influences on the disabled

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention [219] ?

Agency of US Department of Health & Human Services responsible for disease control

Division of Environmental Hazards and Health Effects [3486] ?

Study health problems from lead, radiation, air pollution, technologic or natural disasters

Division of Environmental Health [2807] ?

Committed to safeguarding the health of populations that are particularly vulnerable to certain environmental hazards

Epidemiology Program Office [3353] ?

Strengthens the public health system by coordinating public health surveillance at CDC

National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion [1423] ?

Center for Disease Control agency responsible for promoting health for Americans

National Center for Environmental Health [3485] ?

Goal to prevent disease resulting from interations of people with their environment

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health [221] ?

Conducts research and makes recommendations for prevention of workplace injuries

NIOSH Education and Research Centers (ERCs) [1188] ?

Listing of the NIOSH Educational Resources Centers

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