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Electronic credentialing for secure e-commerce using personal digital ID cards. Computer security issues.

30 Resources
Advisories, Alerts and Assessments [13490] ?

Alerts about internet security problems

Analyzing What You Have Typed [37305] ?

Captures in real time what people are typing on a site and analyzes it

Updated AntiVirus Software Review [36199] ?

AntiVirus Software Review Product Comparisons

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures [26607] ?

The standard for information Security Vulnerability Names

Computer Virus Myths & Hoaxes [16748] ?

Learn about computer virus myths, hoaxes, urban legends, and the implications

Connect Safely [40920] ?

Research-based safety tips, parentsí guidebooks, advice, news and commentary on safely using the internet

Cryptography and Security [5478] ?

Series of articles on internet security

Dangers of Web Tracking [37309] ?

Americans are being tracked online in sophisticated ways

DARPA and the Internet [40884] ?

DARPA projects that are focused on internet security

Explore the Tracking Data [37299] ?

Study of the tracking files installed on people's computers by the 50 most popular U.S. websites

Google's PC Search Tool Poses Security Risks [26540] ?

Google's free tool that indexes a PC's contents for quickly locating data creates a security risk

Updated Home User Security: Personal Firewalls [26608] ?

Considerations in choosing the right firewall

Internet Firewalls Frequently Asked Questions [5477] ?

Answers questions about firewall basics, design & implementation issues, attacks, etc.

IT Security News and Reviews [23251] ?

News and resources for IT security professionals

Key Tracking Terminology [37301] ?

A glossary of terms used in web tracking

Lawmakers Seek Answers on Online Tracking [37303] ?

Many of those so-called third party companies are in the business of tracking consumer behavior across the Internet

Updated Microsoft Security [20477] ?

Microsoft's security page provides information about security patches for MS products

National Cyber Security Division (Homeland Security) [30327] ?

NCSD works collaboratively with public, private and international entities to secure cyberspace

NITRD: National Coordination Office for Networking and Information [37105] ?

US government commissions, plans, initiatives dealing with information technology and Next Generation Internet

SANS Institute [18679] ?

Research and education organization of security professionals

Security White Papers [15369] ?

Technical white papers on the topic of internet security

So Many Trackers [37307] ?

Study found an average of 64 tracking tools on the top 50 websites

Stalking by Cellphone [37296] ?

The proliferation of sophisticated tracking technology results in a loss of privacy

Stay Safe Online [30326] ?

Cyber security basics for consumers

The Honeynet Project [18675] ?

To learn the tools, tactics, and motives of the blackhat community, and share those lessons learned

The Information That Is Needed to Identify You [37306] ?

You should never bet against re-identification

Tools to Protect Your Privacy Online [40929] ?

Mobile and desktop apps

Tracking the Trackers [37298] ?

Three types of tracking methods commonly used online:

US-CERT [13855] ?

Archive of security tools, patches, documents, advisories, etc.

Worst Passwords [40170] ?

Lists of the worst passwords

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