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Technical documents related to operating systems technology including Linux and Windows NT platforms.

9 Resources
Beginners Linux Guide [21911] ?

Tips and guidance for newbies

Updated Linux - What is it? [10258] ?

Information related to the Linux operating systems

Updated Linux Standard Base [22999] ?

Workgroup of Free Standards Group promulgating standards and certification for Linux

Linux: GNOME Project (Desktop Environment ) [23256] ?

The GNOME project was born as an effort to create a desktop environment for free systems

Red Hat [10259] ?

Purchase Red Hat Software - Linux Operating System Provider

Samba Server [23843] ?

SAMBA (file and print server) support materials

Server News and Reviews [23255] ?

Resources for IT professionals

The Apache Software Foundation [15698] ?

Download Apache source code

Updated The Linux Foundation [23001] ?

The umbrella group for several Linux open source standards efforts

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