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Information on cookies. Techniques for diagnosing internet slowdowns on a Windows 95 system and speeding things up. Statistics about internet domain names & search engines for locating organizations. Comparison of the performance of NT to Unix servers. Secure transmission(SSL), Digital Certificates, Digital Signature, Cryptography. Sources to determine information about who owns & operates the server, the type of servers a website is running and what encryption methodology a given site is running for Secure Transcactions on the net.

20 Resources
Updated Bandwidth Meter [14378] ?

Run a quick test that will compare your connection to DSL, Cable modems, and more

Cookie Central [3902] ?

Answers many common questions relating to websites, browsers and the use of cookies

Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis [9387] ?

Promotes cooperation & maintenance of a robust, scalable global Internet infrastructure

Country Code Top-Level Domains [13221] ?

Basic information for domain registration in the top-level domains for each country

DSL Speed [14760] ?

Explains the factors determining DSL speeds

ICANN: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers [13545] ?

Responsible for IP address space allocation

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority [13242] ?

Dedicated to preserving the central coordinating functions of the global Internet for the public

Internet Society [13546] ?

Home of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the Internet Architecture Board (IAB)

MySQL Benchmarks [16605] ?

Comparisons to MySQL - PostgreSQL, Access 2000, AdaBas D, DB2, Informix, MS-SQL & more

Updated Netcraft Web Server Survey [9376] ?

A survey of Web Server software usage on Internet connected computers

Updated Thwate Certificate Support [5493] ?

SSL certificates

W3C: World Wide Web Consortium [12717] ?

An international industry consortium that develops common web protocols

Web Robots [5996] ?

Information about programs that traverse the Web automatically

Web Server Reviews [9383] ?

Review of web servers

Who is - Domain Name? [6372] ?

Enter a domain name and obtain information about who owns this domain name or if its available

Who is TCIP Address - Asia Pacific? [14758] ?

Enter an Asian Pacific TCIP address and obtain information about who owns & operates the server

Who is TCIP Address - Europe? [13230] ?

Enter a European TCIP address and obtain information about who owns & operates the server

Who is TCIP Address - USA? [6371] ?

Enter a TCIP address and obtain information about who owns & operates the server

Whois Registry Search [16923] ?

Registry contains only .com, .net, .org and .edu domains

Whois Search [31] ?

Obtain information about the owner of a domain, registrar or nameserver

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