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Guidance and tips on making web pages accessible to those with disabilities. Web-based tools that analyze web pages for their accessibility to those with disabilities. Checklists for web authors to ensure web accessibility to the disabled.

27 Resources
Accessibility of State and Local Government Websites [25244] ?

Publication providing guidance on making State and local government websites accessible

Adobe Acrobat Software Accessibility Blog [8299] ?

Information about Adobe PDF, Adobe Acrobat software and accessibility

Adobe PDF Accessibility [3400] ?

Tools and information to help make files accessible to users with visual disabilities

Alternative Web Browsing [12729] ?

Links to demonstration versions of alternative browsing methods

Updated America Online Accessibility Policy [18489] ?

Full text of the website accessibility policy posted by AOL

Checklist of Checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines [12705] ?

Checklist of Checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Colour Contrast Analyser for Web Pages [37290] ?

Useful when you are dealing with color contrast issues inside graphics

Do-It [14990] ?

An extensive collection of resources for people with disabilities

GSA’s IT Accessibility and Workforce (ITAW) [12715] ?

ITAW is the governments principal advocate and coordinator for Section 508 implementation

IBM Accessiblity Center Guidelines [13407] ?

Guidelines and checklists for accessible hardware and software applications

National Center for Accessible Media [13408] ?

A research and development facility that works to make media accessible to disabled

Policies Relating to Web Accessibility [12728] ?

Existing laws and policies that affect information technologies and information services worldwide

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act as amended [14995] ?

An overview of the requirements of Section 508

Techniques for Authoring Tool Accessibility [12708] ?

Specific to individual mark-up languages

Updated Trace Center [13924] ?

Researches ways to amke telecommunications & information systems accessible to the disabled

Updated TRACE Research and Development Center [13409] ?

Dedicated to cooperative efforts linked toward building a more usable Web for all

W3C CSS Validation Service [12713] ?

Tool to determine if your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) meets W3C recommendations

W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines [12704] ?

Explains how to make Web content accessible to people with disabilities

WAI: Web Accessibility Initiative [12709] ?

Numerous resources on making web pages accessible to those with disabilities

Updated Web Accessibility [12720] ?

Tools that promote Web accessibility and usability for people with disabilities

Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools [12730] ?

Links to tools that perform a static analysis of sites regarding accessibility & help fix the pages

Web Accessibility Guidelines [8179] ?

Guidelines to create accessible web design

Web Authoring Tool Accessbility Guidelines [12707] ?

Provides guidelines for Web authoring tool developers in creating accessible authoring interfaces

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines [12710] ?

A discussion on how to create web pages accessible to those with disabilities

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines [12711] ?

Key concepts of accessible Web design

Updated Website Usability Guidelines [27462] ?

Resources for designing accessible websites and user interfaces in compliance with Section 508 requirements

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