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GCat: Science & Technology
MCat: Technology

Techniques for diagnosing internet slowdowns and speeding things up. Information about who owns a domain name or if its available. Online education for intranet builders. Tools and strategies for information system professionals. Technical approach and framework, for testing Year 2000 application conversions. Internet security resources. Guidance and tips on making web pages accessible to those with disabilities.

Also refer to Categories: Legal - Computer Law, Internet Law. Reference - Internet Commerce, Internet Services, Internet Surveys, Must Have Software, Technical Links, Web Page Programming. Risk Mgt - Cyberliability, RMIS, Technology.


Guidance and tips on making web pages accessible to those with disabilities. Web-based tools that analyze web pages for their accessibility to those with disabilities. Checklists for web authors to ensure web accessibility to the disabled.


Lists of internet virus alerts and hoaxes. Research to eliminate the threat from computer viruses.


Information on outsourcing, insourcing or resourcing

Data Xchg Stds

EDI in insurance. IAIABC status for EDI requirements for the 50 states. Compilation of activities of selected health care informatics standards organizations.


Technical resources related to databases - DBMS


Technical resources related to computer hardware and accessories

Internet Software

Download the latest and most popular freeware and shareware available on the internet.

Internet Technical

Information on cookies. Techniques for diagnosing internet slowdowns on a Windows 95 system and speeding things up. Statistics about internet domain names & search engines for locating organizations. Comparison of the performance of NT to Unix servers. Secure transmission(SSL), Digital Certificates, Digital Signature, Cryptography. Sources to determine information about who owns & operates the server, the type of servers a website is running and what encryption methodology a given site is running for Secure Transcactions on the net.

Internet Traffic

Internet statistics: routing stability, topology, visualization, provider performance measurements. Links to operational statistics on NAPs, MAEs, backbones, routing related and route servers, etc. Information on MAE connections and statistics. Internet traffic reports.

Operating Systems

Technical documents related to operating systems technology including Linux and Windows NT platforms.


Explanations of terms and concepts - both hardware and software that crossover normal functional categorizations.


Electronic credentialing for secure e-commerce using personal digital ID cards. Computer security issues.


Technical and legal resources related to spam and the elimination of unwanted e-mails

Web Page Programming

Descriptions, scripts, examples and tutorials of various web programming techniques.

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