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Statistics on the US transportation systems (air, water, highway, rail, etc.) Commercial fleet statistics profile by size, type, state, number of registrations, etc. Economic transportation indicators in the United States. US public mass transportation financial and operating data. Federal, state and local highway data and statistics. Data on waterborne commerce, vessels, locks, port facilities, and dredging.

17 Resources
Bureau of Transportation Statistics - USA [214] ?

Compiles and analyzes statistics on the US transportation systems (air, water, highway, rail, etc.)

Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis - USA [8695] ?

Data about railroad and crossing accidents in the USA

International Transportation Statistics [12102] ?

International trade, freight, travel and transportation statistics tracked by the US government

Multimodal Transportation Indicators [2979] ?

Economic transportation indicators in the United States

National Transit Database [12186] ?

All data are for the United States unless indicated otherwise

National Transportation Statistics [12308] ?

Tables on the transportation system, transportation economics, safety, energy, environment

North American Transportation Statistics Interchange [12097] ?

Canada, Mexico and USA transportation data

Office of Highway Information Management System - USA [168] ?

Federal, state and local highway data and statistics

Pocket Guide to Transportation - US DOT [33331] ?

Quick reference on the changes in the U.S. transportation system.

Railroad Performance Measures [18758] ?

seven major North American freight railroads report - Cars On Line, Train Speed, and Terminal Dwell

Transportation Energy Data Book [30921] ?

Annual statistical compendium on transportation activity and explore data factors of transportation energy use.

TranStats [22166] ?

US Intermodal Transportation Databases

US Airline Information [5517] ?

Contains a variety of statistics related to US airlines such as traffic data, fuel cost and consumption and more

US Border Crossing Data [12101] ?

Border crossing data for the US-Canadian border and the US-Mexican border

US Maritime Statistics [20754] ?

Statistics from the US Department of Transportation Maritime Administration

US Transborder Surface Freight Data [12100] ?

North American merchandise trade data

US-Mexican Border Crossing Data [22172] ?

From US Dept of Transportation

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Statistics on highway safety, fatalities, blood alcohol levels, DUI costs, etc.

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