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Primer for trending occupational illness and injuries, occurrence reports, performance indicators. Archives of statistical datasets, software and related information. Online statistical calculators. Tutorials on statistics, probability, resampling methods, multivariate statistics, etc.

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Updated American Statistical Association [10109] ?

Scientific society promotes the application of statistical science

Data Analysis Resource Center [7777] ?

Articles, online books, calculators with an emphasis on biostatistics

HyperStat Online [4220] ?

Online general statistics textbook

International Monetary Fund Statistics [15177] ?

IMF data and statistics

Introductory Statistics [2903] ?

Online access to college textbook on introductory statistics - over 40 chapters

Law of Diminishing Returns - Tutorial Review Video [29182] ?

An explanation of production and the law of diminishing marginal return

Law of Large Numbers [29181] ?

A video tutorial

Mathematics Tables and Formulas [17248] ?

Has many useful math functions, identities and equations and conversions

Updated Medical Biostatistics [1703] ?

A textbook

Updated NIST Statistical Reference Datasets [12632] ?

Provides reference datasets with certified computational results

Online Statistics [7780] ?

Introductory level hypertext statistics book - entire text online

Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis [9100] ?

Do statistical analysis directly on the internet

Spreadsheet Error Rates [15029] ?

Research on spreadsheet use and errors in their use

Statistics Calculators [4217] ?

A variety of online statistical calculators

STATS [10204] ?

Analysis of current statistical and scientific disputes

Updated The Quality Control Calculators [7785] ?

Designed for laboratory quality control - series of three calculators

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Online grammars, quotations, writing style guidance

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Government and industry sources of statistical data on education

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