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BLS data. Projections on employment, productivity & technology, prices, in the United States. Employment statistics for American business. Data on unemployment insurance in the United States.

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2010 Report Municipal Pensions [38786] ?

The crisis in local government pensions in the USA

Bureau of Labor Statistics [201] ?

US government agency responsible for compiling statistical information for the federal government

Compensation Cost Trends [4154] ?

Annual data measuring level of average costs per hour worked

Disability Employment Data [32059] ?

Research briefs, policy papers, monographs, and case studies describe key findings

Employment Projections [2997] ?

BLS data & projections on employment, productivity & technology, prices, etc. in the United States

Employment Projections USA [12900] ?

10 year employment projects by the BLS

Foreign Labor Statistics [2877] ?

Comparative labor statistics based on statistics from foreign countries & international bodies

Labor Related Data [1846] ?

Statistical databases from the US Department of Labor and other government agencies

Monthly Labor Review [13123] ?

Highlights intriguing BLS data that you might otherwise have missed

National Current Employment Statistics [4058] ?

Includes real earnings and employment situation summary reports

Occupational Employment Statistics [13116] ?

Employment and wage estimates for over 800 occupations

Office of the Chief Actuary - USA [1828] ?

US Social Security Administration's office responsible for actuarial science

Social Security Facts and Figures [1826] ?

Social Security Basic Facts on Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance & more

State of the Cities [14965] ?

National Urban Policy Report - labor data on 114 selected cities

Union Density in the United States [pdf] [467] ?

Estimates of union density by state for the 1994-2000 time period

Union Reports [16703] ?

From the US Office of Labor-Management Standards

US Current Employment Statistics - State [35926] ?

State and Metro Area Employment, Hours, & Earnings

US Dept of Labor Enforcement Data [40104] ?

DOL enforcement database for EBSA (ERISA), MSHA, OSHA, OFCCP, WHD (wage and hour)

US Unemployment Statistics [35922] ?

By local area - states, counties, metropolitan areas, regions and more

US Women in the Workforce [35928] ?

Data on women workers

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