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Statistics on health conditions, e.g., substance abuse, heart/stroke, cancer

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AHRQ Data and Surveys [12064] ?

MEPS, HCUP, healthcare informatics, etc.

AK-Alaska Vital Statistics [3981] ?

Compile vital statistics for the State of Alaska

AL-Alabama Center for Health Statistics - Vital Records [16313] ?

Profiles of Births, Deaths, Marriage and Divorce for the state of Alabama

AR-Arkansas Center for Health Statistics [12319] ?

Disease and injury surveillance, mortality statistics and more

AZ-Arizona Hospital & Nursing Care Cost Reporting [16291] ?

Collects and distributes statistics on hospital and nursing home financials and service utilization

Blindness Statistics [16422] ?

Prevalence of blind people in the USA

CA-California Healthcare Information Division [16212] ?

A clearing house for information on healthcare cost, quality and access

CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System [16281] ?

BRFSS, the world’s largest telephone survey, tracks health risks in the United States

CDC Data Warehouse [2907] ?

US Center for Disease Control statistical datasets and some text-based datasets

CDC Surveillance Resource Center [12321] ?

The collection, analysis, and use of data to target public health prevention

Updated CDC Wonder [14538] ?

Provides a single point of access to a wide variety of CDC reports & numeric public health data

CO-Colorado Health Statistics & Research Data [16312] ?

Cancer, birth, death data for the state of Colorado

Updated Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Mortality Reports [10254] ?

The California Report on coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery

CPR Statistics [766] ?

CPR & Sudden Cardiac Arrest fact sheet

CT-Connecticut Tumor Registry [18054] ?

All hospitals & private pathology labs in Connecticut are required by law to report cancer cases

DE-Delaware Health Data & Statistics [16899] ?

Health statistics for the State of Delaware

Disabilities/Impairments FASTSTATS [2112] ?

All figures are for USA

Disability Benchmarks [11697] ?

National Organization on Disability survey research data on disabilities

Disability: NHIS-D [29049] ?

National Health Interview Survey on Disability data and analysis

Disability: US Census Bureau Data [16507] ?

US Census Bureau statistical reports on disability data

FASTATS from A-Z [12057] ?

National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) commonly requested statistics

FL-Florida Health Charts [24986] ?

Florida Community Health Assessment Resource Tool Set - local community health status assessments

FL-Florida Health Data [32358] ?

Inpatient hospital data, outpatient surgery, etc

FL-Florida Health Finder [13164] ?

Access to health care costs and other information for the state of Florida

FL-Florida: Public Health Statistics [12352] ?

Data on health status indicators at the county, state, and national levels

GA-Georgia Health Data [16310] ?

Public health data for the state of Georgia

HCUPnet [20420] ?

A tool for identifying, tracking, analyzing, and comparing statistics on hospitals

Updated Health Statistics [12347] ?

Publications on Health Statistics from the National Institutes of Health

Heart Disease Facts and Statistics [432] ?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States

Updated HI-Hawaii Health Trends [16276] ?

Health care statistics for the State of Hawaii

HRSA Data and Statistics [8040] ?

US Health Resources and Services Administration data

IL-Illinois Health Care Cost Containment Council Data [16274] ?

Health care costs and utilization data from Illinois hospitals - 2000 historical data only

IL-Illinois Health Statistics [27273] ?

Vital statistics, hospital discharge data, disease stastics and more for the State of IL

IN-Indiana Health Data & Statistics [16282] ?

Health statistics for the state of Indiana

KS-Kansas Health Statistics [16308] ?

Epidemiology and Public Health Informatics

Life Expectancy [12059] ?

NCHS data on life expectancy in the USA

Long Term Care Research [18659] ?

Descriptive statistics on the full continuum of long term care - excerpts from the reports

MA-Massachusetts Health Data Consortium Data [664] ?

Selected health data available online

MA-Massachusetts Health Statistics [16252] ?

Health statistics for the state of Massachussetts

MD-Maryland Health Statistics [16898] ?

Health statistics for the State of Maryland

ME-Maine Health Data & Statistics [16306] ?

Data and reports from the State's Dept of Health and Human Services

Medicare & Medicaid Statistics [3728] ?

Statistical supplements, rates, statistics, expenditure data

Medicare Physician Fee Schedule [22254] ?

Informational materials related to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

MEPS - Medical Expenditure Panel Survey [20409] ?

Health data on the US population

MI-Michigan Division for Health Records & Health Statistics [16305] ?

Provides statistical information for the state of Michigan as well as individual MI communities

MN-Minnesota Center for Health Statistics [16304] ?

A wide selection of Minnesota health statistics

MO-Missouri MICA [16258] ?

Missouri Information for Community Assessment (MICA)

MS-Mississippi Public Health & Vital Statistics [16303] ?

Selected Mississippi health statistics

MT-Montana Health Statistical Information [16302] ?

Selected Montana health statistics

NAACCR Cancer Statistics [1293] ?

Database of cancer incidence information from registries in North America

National Cancer Data [14509] ?

Data on cancer rates in the USA

National Cancer Data Base (NCDB) [15186] ?

Records from hospital cancer registries across the United States

National Center for Health Statistics [858] ?

Responsible for compiling health statistics for the US

National Hospital Discharge Survey (NHDS) [12061] ?

Hospital Discharge and Ambulatory Surgery Data

Updated National Institute of Mental Health Statistics [834] ?

Statistics on mental health illness in the USA

National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center [27965] ?

Spinal Cord Injury Facts and Figures facts and figures

NC-North Carolina Health Statistics [16280] ?

Vital statistics, county health data book, cncer incidence & mortality rates, etc

NCHS Public Use Data Files [12062] ?

Downloadable health data files from the US National Center for Health Statistics

ND-North Dakota Vital Statistics [16093] ?

Birth and death statistics for the State of North Dakota

NE-Nebraska Statistics & Research Data [16301] ?

Selected Nebraska health statistics and reports

NEDARC: National EMSC Data Analysis Resource Center [12323] ?

National EMS and other healthcare data

NH-New Hampshire Health Statistics [17231] ?

New Hampshire Bureau of Health Statistics and Data Management

NJ-New Jersey Center for Health Statistics [16283] ?

Collects, researches, analyzes and disseminates New Jersey health data

NM-New Mexico Health Statistics [16293] ?

Health data for the state of New Mexico

NTDB: National Trauma Data Bank [25425] ?

The largest aggregation of trauma registry data ever assembled in the USA

NV-Nevada Public Health Informatics [15166] ?

Health statistics for the State of Nevada

NY-New York Health Related Statistical Data [16300] ?

Wide variety of healthcare statistics including inpatient data

OH-Ohio Health Data & Statistics [16285] ?

State and county summary level public health statistics

OK-Oklahoma Center for Health Statistics [16286] ?

Collect, Analyze, and Disseminate Health Statistics

OR-Oregon Public Health Related Data [13062] ?

Cancer registry, behavior risk factor, hospital discharge data, etc

PA-Pennsylvania Hospital Performance [20452] ?

Database on hospital performance - health care costs in PA

PA-Pennsylvania Bureau of Health Statistics [20342] ?

Health statistics for the State of Pennsylvania

RI-Rhode Island Health Statistics [12564] ?

Health statistics for the State of Rhode Island

SAMHDA: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Data Archive [5561] ?

Access to substance abuse and mental health research data from SAMHSA

SC-South Carolina Public Health Statistics [20453] ?

Vital statistics, cancer registry, public health informatics, biostatistics for the State

SD-South Dakota Selected Health Statistics [16296] ?

Statistics on communicable diseases, motor vehicle crashes, risk factors, vital statistics. etc.

SEER Cancer Statistics [1172] ?

Online data from the SEER database on cancer statistics in the USA

Updated State Cancer Profiles [25325] ?

USA cancer statistics by state

State Health Data [21134] ?

View by state or by topic

State Health Facts - USA [12328] ?

Health insurance coverage, population demographics, health needs indicators, Medicaid data by state

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Statistics [25455] ?

US national data on alcohol, tobacco, drug abuse, etc.

The National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics [12085] ?

The Public Advisory Body to the Secretary of Health and Human Services in the USA

TN-Tennessee Health Statistics [5986] ?

Statistical Profiling of Tennessee Health

Tobacco Research, Data & Reports [23382] ?

Tobacco use statistics for the USA

TX-Texas Cancer Data Center [18056] ?

Texas demographics and cancer statistics

Updated TX-Texas Health Data [1039] ?

Health statistics for the State of Texas

US Health Statistics [2977] ?

Statistical health measures, healthcare costs, etc. in the United States

Updated US National Center for Health Workforce Analysis [8041] ?

Supply, demand, distribution, education and use of health professionals in each state & DC

USA Fitness Facts and Statistics [40855] ?

From the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition

USA Perinatal Statistics [11387] ?

Prenatal care, low birthweight, infant mortality, poverty, health insurance coverage, etc

UT-Utah Health Data Statistics [12324] ?

A statistical resource for the State's health care data

VA-Virginia Center for Health Statistics [16298] ?

Virginia Health Statistics Annual Reports and Supplements

VA-Virginia Health Information [16257] ?

Hospital and nursing home information

WA-Washington Health Data [16299] ?

Health statistics for the State of Washington

WI-Wisconsin Health Statistics [16277] ?

Wisconsin Dept of Health statistics

WI-Wisconsin Healthcare Information Center [16254] ?

Data about charges and services provided by Wisconsin hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers

World Health Organization Statistical Information System [396] ?

Health-related information available from WHO

WV-West Virginia Health Statistics Center [16288] ?

State’s official repository of birth, death, marriage, and divorce records

Updated WY-Wyoming Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System [12563] ?

Data from randomly selected non-institutionalized adults age 18 and older

Youth Risk Factor Behavior Surveillance System [17423] ?

Tracks youth health risks in the USA

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