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Online data & reports on acid rain, atmospheric deposition & precipitation chemistry. Global downloadable climate and satellite datasets. Climate summaries. World weather data.

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Updated Climate Data [1884] ?

Climate summaries on temperature, precipitation, winds, pressure, snow, etc.

Updated Environmental Information Services - USA [2991] ?

Global environmental data from satellites

Updated Global Climate Data [17057] ?

Precipitation and surface temperatures

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Data [31272] ?

Estimating the levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals

Updated Land-Based Climate Datasets - USA [2993] ?

Includes downloadable climate datasets

Updated National Climatic Data Center [2990] ?

World's largest active archive of weather data

Updated US Earth Science Data [31274] ?

Atmospheric data, ocean data, geologic data, etc.

US Water Data [31275] ?

Data on surface water, ground water, water quality and more

Water Use Data in the United States [2988] ?

National digital data bases

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