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Demographic statistical measures for the United States and population worldwide. US Census Bureau data. Tables from the US Statistical Abstract. Annual immigration statistics. Housing & mortgage databases.

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1990 Census [2904] ?

Browse Summary Tape File 1 basic demographic variables & 3 socioeconomic & demographic variables

2000 Census of the United States [2192] ?

Contains a collection of statistics on social and economic conditions in the United States

Census Bureau - USA [223] ?

Collects and analyzes US statistics on population and the economy

Census Bureau Publications [2900] ?

Large number of statistical publications from the US Census Bureau

Census of the United States [33102] ?

Source for population, housing, economic, and geographic data

Updated Immigration - Maps of the Foreign Born in the US [2955] ?

Extensive information on immigrants and refugees who immigrate to the USA

Population Index [3848] ?

Primary reference tool to the world's population

Population Reference Bureau [5975] ?

Source for US population data

Population Reference Bureau [12066] ?

U.S. and international population trends

US National Vital Statistics System [10134] ?

Data on births, deaths, marriages, and divorces, and infant deaths

US Population Estimates [26770] ?

The Population Estimates Program publishes total population estimates each year

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Government and industry sources of statistical data on health conditions

Statistics / Labor
Government and industry sources of statistical data on labor and employment

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