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State agencies responsible for environment, health, insurance, labor, motor vehicles, public safety, radiation control, transportation workers compensation, etc. Access to various local government websites for counties, municipalities, etc. The full text of state statutes and regulations.

Home Page of the State of Massachusetts [4696] ?

Official government website of the State of Massachusetts

Local Government: Massachusetts Commonwealth Communities [4698] ?

Links and information on cities, towns, counties, etc. in the State of MA


Banking and Securities

Massachusetts Division of Banks [38993] ?

Oversees banks, credit unions, loan and mortgage industry

Massachusetts Securities Department [34732] ?

Responsible for the regulation of securities in Massachusetts


Business Filings

Massachusetts Business Portal [39088] ?

Filing and other information resources for businesses

Massachusetts Corporations Division [34594] ?

Handles business filings including Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings

Massachusetts Department of Revenue [39090] ?

Business taxation and personal income taxes

Massachusetts Dept of Revenue - Business [39089] ?

Business taxation

Massachusetts Export Center [39092] ?

For export assistance

Massachusetts Housing and Economic Development [39091] ?

Business development, incentives, etc

Massachusetts Secretary of State [34473] ?

Responsible for elections, business filings, securities, land records, archives


Courts, Decisions, Opinions

Massachusetts Court Decisions [10865] ?

Reporter of Decisions of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and the Appeals Court

Massachusetts Court System [10896] ?

Home page to the courts of the state of Massachusetts

Social Law Library [10866] ?

Recent opinions of the Mass. Appeals Court & the Supreme Judical Court - archives (fees)



Agency: Department of Environmental Protection - Massachusetts [6528] ?

Environmental Protection Agency for the State of Massachusetts

CMR Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection & Agriculture Regulations [22246] ?

Environmental and agricultural regulations for the State of MA

Environmental Regulations - Massachusetts [6529] ?

Text of the regulations

MA-Massachusetts Environmental Health Laws [4718] ?

Full text of MEPA environmental law for the State of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Environmental Statutes and Regulations [10647] ?

Environmental regulations for the State of Massachusetts

Massachusetts General Laws: Title XIX Agriculture & Conservation [10340] ?

Full text of the agriculture and environmental laws for the State of Massachusetts

Massachusetts: 301 CMR 11.00: MEPA Regulations [10646] ?

Governs the implementation of the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act, M.G.L. c 30, s.s. 61 throu

Regulations: Air Quality - Massachusetts [6530] ?

Full text of environmental air quality regulations for the State of Massachusetts



Agency: Center for Health Information and Analysis - Massachusetts [11215] ?

Development of health care pricing policies, methods and rates for public payers

Agency: Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services [20991] ?

State Medicaid agency, mental retardation services, public health services, etc

Agency: Massachusetts Department of Public Health [6758] ?

Department of public health for the state of Massachusetts

Agency: MassHealth [20990] ?

Helps the financially needy obtain high-quality health care that is affordable

CMR Massachusetts Health Regulations [22245] ?

Regulations related to public health, mental health, etc

Massachusetts Health Data Consortium [15256] ?

Data and information on the health care delivery system in Massachusetts

Statutes: Title XVI. 17 Department of Public Health - Massachusetts [6854] ?

Full text of Massachusetts law for the Department of Public Health



211 CMR: Division of Insurance - Massachusetts [22243] ?

Massachusetts Insurance Regulations

Agency: Division of Insurance - Massachusetts [4903] ?

Regulates the insurance industry in the State of Massachusetts

Automobile Insurers Bureau of Massachusetts [16121] ?

Insurance ratemaking and rate of return pricing theory

Commonealth Auto Reinsurers - Massachusetts [15944] ?

Experience rating plan for auto insurance in Massachusetts

Statutes: Chapter 26 Department of Banking & Insurance - Massachusetts [6855] ?

Full text of Massachusetts law for the Department of Banking & Insurance



Commonwealth Corporation [14129] ?

Family of services support the continuum of worker and business needs in MA

Division of Occupational Safety and Health - Massachusetts [14127] ?

Administers public employees workplace safety and health programs for the State of MA

Massachusetts Division of Unemployment Assistance [17209] ?

Administers unemployment

Statutes: Title XXI. Labor & Industries - Massachusetts [6856] ?

Full text of Massachusetts law for labor and industry


Liquor & Alcoholic Beverage Control

Agency: Massachusetts Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation [18163] ?

Includes the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission for the State of MA

Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission Regulations for Massachusetts [23347] ?

Full text of 204 CMR sections for the ABCC

MA-Massachusettts General Laws Chapter 138 Alcoholic Liquors [18164] ?

Full text of the liquor control laws for the State of Massachusetts


Motor Vehicle / Motor Carriers

Agency: Registry of Motor Vehicles - Massachusetts [6260] ?

Responsible for motor vehicle laws in the State of Massachusetts

Massachusetts General Laws:Title XIV Public Ways and Works [7639] ?

Full text of transportation laws for the State of Massachusetts


Public Safety

500-599 CMR Massachusetts Public Safety Regulations [22244] ?

Regulations for selected public safety, hoisting, boilers, amusement regulations

527 CMR Board of Fire Prevention Regulations - Massachusetts [22242] ?

Full text of the fire prevention regulations for the State of Massachusetts

Agency: Massachusetts Division of Fire Safety [17310] ?

Responsible for fire safety in the State of Massachusetts

Agency: Massachusetts Homeland Security & Emergency Response [19809] ?

Responsible for coordinating all phases of emergency management within the state

Agency: Massachusetts State Police [17172] ?

Massachusett's primary law enforcement agency

Statutes: Title XX. Public Safety and Good Order - Massachusetts [6890] ?

Full text of the public safety laws for the State of Massachusetts



Agency: Radiation Control Program - Massachusetts [6789] ?

Division of department of health on radiation control for the State of Massachusetts

MA-Massachusetts General Laws - Public Health Radiation [10130] ?

Full text of the laws related to health care radiation

Massachusetts General Laws: Chapter 111. Radiation Control [7638] ?

Full text of the radiation control laws for the State of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Radiation Control Program [10644] ?

Rules & regulations for radiation control in the State of Massachusetts


Statutes, Rules, Regulations

Code of Massachusetts Regulations [32808] ?

This is a subscription service (fees) - to obtain the text of the rules, you must purchase access from the State of MA

Code of Massachusetts Regulations [22241] ?

Rules and regulations for the State of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Legislature [17123] ?

The official website of the Massachusetts Legislature

The General Laws of Massachusetts [4697] ?

Access to the Massachusetts General Laws (MGL), Session Laws, etc.



Agency: Massachusetts Office of Transportation and Construction [6019] ?

Responsible for transportation laws in the State of Massachusetts

Statutes: Transportation - Massachusetts [6857] ?

Full text of the transportation laws for the State of Massachusetts


Workers Compensation

452 C.M.R. 1.00 - 8.00 Rules and Regs. of the DIA [4605] ?

Code of Massachusetts Regulations for the Dept of Industrial Accidents

452 CMR Massachusetts [22248] ?

Dept of Industrial Accidents regulations for the State of MA

Agency: Department of Industrial Accidents - Massachusetts [5777] ?

WC dispute resolutions, office of safety, voc rehab and more

Agency: WC: Office of Investigations - Massachusetts [3634] ?

Responsible for overseeing that employers carry workers' compensation insurance in Massachusetts

Massachusetts General Laws: Chapter 152 Workmens Compensation [5775] ?

Access to the full text of the MGL for workers compensation laws in Massachusetts

Self-Insurance for Workers Compensation in Massachusetts [5776] ?

The self insurance requirements for WC in Massachusetts 452 C.M.R. 5.00

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