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Access to various local government websites for counties, municipalities, etc.

16 Resources
American FactFinder [2670] ?

Provides access to data about the United States, Puerto Rico and the Island Areas

Codes of Ordinances [3687] ?

Access to the full text of the municipal codes for various cities in the US

County Websites - USA [15923] ?

Links to county websites in the United States

Updated International City/County Management Association [14147] ?

International organization that represents county governments worldwide

Local Governments [21653] ?

Links to town and city governments in the USA and other countries

Municipal Codes - USA [2682] ?

Full text of municipal codes listed by state - does not have codes for every municipality in the US

Municipal Codes on the Internet [14536] ?

Text of municipal codes for various cities in 25 states

National Association of Counties [8500] ?

National organization that represents county governments in the USA

National Association of County and City Health Officials [14153] ?

A unified organization representing local public health

Official City Sites [14539] ?

Links to home pages of major city websites in the USA

OH-Ohio Municipal Codes [9071] ?

Full text access to the entire municipal codes for selected cities in Ohio

State and Local Government on the Net [2680] ?

Links to state legislatures for all 50 states and to most local government (city/county) websites

State and Local Governments [1472] ?

State maps, meta-indexes for state and local government, state government information

US Conference of Mayors [14540] ?

Official nonpartisan organization of cities with populations of 30,000 or more

US Local Government Websites [15925] ?

Links to the home pages of city governments in the USA

WA-Washington State Municipal Codes - Cities & Counties [16989] ?

City and county codes for the state of Washington

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