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Online training modules on leadership, effective presentations, training, improving employee performance, telecommuting and more.

Claims Management » Return to Work

Managing workers compensation costs by returning injured workers to work

Job Accommodation Ideas [18298] ?

Several ideas for accommodating individuals with disabilities

General Business » Leadership

Leadership primers on traits, activities, skills, etc. of successful leaders

Big Dog's Leadership and Development Outline [8099] ?

A comprehensive lesson plan guide for a course in leadership

Leadership Page [8097] ?

Leadership guide is for new supervisors, managers and anyone who wants to be a leader

General Business » Presentations

Speaking presentation tips, tutorials and support materials

Effectively Communicating With Visual Aids [pdf] [6457] ?

Guidance for the presenter

Human Resources » Performance

Addressing worker workplace performance

Performance Management [8176] ?

Managing employee performance

Human Resources » Training

Corporate training and development resources

Instructional System Design Manual [8098] ?

A complete on-line training guide to inplementing a training program

OSHA » Agriculture

OSHA technical resources on agriculture and farm safety

CA-California OSHA Field Sanitation and Agricultural Safety & Health [5536] ?

Outlines the inspection procedures used by Cal/OSHA

Risk Mgt » Consumer Insurance

Insurance bulletins & alerts designed for consumers

Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education [5483] ?

An educational site on life, health and disability insurance

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