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Statistical data on a large variety of subjects.

Fleet » Statistics

Statistics on highway safety, fatalities, blood alcohol levels, DUI costs, etc.

Highway Statistics Series [14824] ?

Statistics on MV registrations, driver licensing, motor fuel useage & tax, road performance, finance

General Business » Nonprofits

Management of nonprofits, risk management, insurance, issues

National Center for Charitable Statistics [12349] ?

NCCS provides data on nonprofit organization activities

International » Statistics

International statistical databases

World Statistics [19513] ?

Population, economic, political and social statistics worldwide and by country

Medicine » Pharmaceuticals

Clinical resources on pharmacology

Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs [2968] ?

Guidelines for any setting where hazardous drugs are prepared - pharmacies, clinics, home health

Reference » Weather

Real time weather updates, live weather cameras, etc.

Canadian Weather [6363] ?

Weather analysis and forecasts, charts and bulletins, maps for Canada

Safety Mgt » Statistics

Large variety of reports and datasets on workplace safety

USA 2000 Medical Expenditures Attributable to Injuries [24824] ?

An estimate of the percentage of total injury-attributable medical expenditures in 2000

Statistics » Agriculture

Government and industry sources of statistical data on agriculture

Economic Research Service Databases [2916] ?

Data related to commercial agriculture

UN: Food & Agriculture Statistics Databases [10113] ?

United Nations online databases covering international statistics on food, fisheries, etc.

USDA Economics and Statistics System [2189] ?

Reports and datasets on US and international agriculture related topics

World Agricultural Production [2915] ?

Agricultural commodities data - worldwide production

Statistics » Demography

Government and industry sources of statistical data on demographic information

1990 Census [2904] ?

Browse Summary Tape File 1 basic demographic variables & 3 socioeconomic & demographic variables

2000 Census of the United States [2192] ?

Contains a collection of statistics on social and economic conditions in the United States

Census Bureau Publications [2900] ?

Large number of statistical publications from the US Census Bureau

Updated Immigration - Maps of the Foreign Born in the US [2955] ?

Extensive information on immigrants and refugees who immigrate to the USA

Population Index [3848] ?

Primary reference tool to the world's population

Statistics » Economic

Government and industry sources of statistical data on economics

National Bureau of Economic Research: Online Data [10142] ?

Macro data, industry data, individual data, etc.

State of the Cities Data System [14964] ?

Provides data for individual Metropolitan Areas, Central Cities, and Suburbs in the USA

Statistics » Education

Government and industry sources of statistical data on education

WebCASPAR [10107] ?

Statistical data focusing on US universities and colleges and their science & engineering resources

Statistics » Energy

Government and industry sources of statistical data on energy topics

Petroleum Industry Statistics [2950] ?

Monthly petroleum production figures from the American Petroleum Institute

Updated US Energy Information Administration [3025] ?

Weekly, monthly and annual reports on the cost of energy from the Dept of Energy

US Energy Statistics by State [2999] ?

Large number of reports on energy data in the United States

Statistics » Environment

Government and industry sources of statistical data the environment

Updated Global Climate Data [17057] ?

Precipitation and surface temperatures

Updated Land-Based Climate Datasets - USA [2993] ?

Includes downloadable climate datasets

Updated National Climatic Data Center [2990] ?

World's largest active archive of weather data

Water Use Data in the United States [2988] ?

National digital data bases

Statistics » References

Statistical textbooks, lectures, calculators, tutorials and more

Updated NIST Statistical Reference Datasets [12632] ?

Provides reference datasets with certified computational results

Statistics » Transportation

Government and industry sources of statistical data on transportation

Multimodal Transportation Indicators [2979] ?

Economic transportation indicators in the United States

North American Transportation Statistics Interchange [12097] ?

Canada, Mexico and USA transportation data

TranStats [22166] ?

US Intermodal Transportation Databases

Statistics » US Government

USA government sources of statistical data

US Government Data and Statistics [10112] ?

Demographic, economic, education data on the USA

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