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Access to benchmarking materials useful for determining prices and costs.

Claims Management » Health Claims Code Sets

DRG, APG & ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM coding - Medicare payment rates

CPT Medical Coding [22028] ?

Article provides advice on where to locate CPT codes

Claims Management » WC Fee Schedules

Workers compensation medical fee schedules

AR-Arkansas: WC Medical Fees Schedule [11194] ?

Rule 30 Medical Fee Schedule

CA-California: WC Medical Fee Schedules [11196] ?

For ambulance fees, inpatient, outpatient, laboratory, pharmaceuticals and physician services

CO-Colorado: WC Medical Fee Schedule [11199] ?

The text of Rule 18 which contains the Medical Fee Schedule for WC in Colorado

FL-Florida WC Health Care Provider Fee for Service Reimbursement Manual [19926] ?

Reimbursement policies and maximum reimbursable allowances by CPT code

FL-Florida WC Reimbursement Manual for Hospitals [11250] ?

Full text of the manual

HI-Hawaii Disability Compensation Medical Fee Schedule [15515] ?

The WC medical fee schedule for the state of Hawaii

MA-Massachusetts Worker's Compensation Fee Schedules [20455] ?

Fee schedules for workers compensation in MA

ME-Maine: WC Medical Fee Schedules [11216] ?

Medical fee schedule for the State of Maine

MI-Michigan WC Health Care Services Fee Schedule [15260] ?

Access to the entire fee schedule

MT-Montana WC Medical Regulations [15304] ?

Fee schedules and more

ND-North Dakota WC Medical Services Fee Schedules [15318] ?

Download North Dakota's WC medical fee schedules

NV-Nevada WC Medical Fee Schedules [15334] ?

The medical fee schedules for the state of Nevada

OH-Ohio: WC Provider Fee Schedule [11246] ?

Current and historical fee schedules for workers compensation

PA-Pennyslvania: WC Fee Schedule [11253] ?

Workers' Compensation Fee Schedule for Part A (Tables A through H) and Part B medical providers

VT-Vermont: Workers Compensation Fee Schedule, Rule 40 [11263] ?

Text of the Vermont WC Fee Schedule

WI-Wisconsin Hospital Radiology Databases [894] ?

Fees by CPT Code for hospital radiology WC charges

Claims Management » WC Managed Care

Guidance on managed care in workers compensation to control medical costs

OH-Ohio Managed Care [15337] ?

Health Partnership Program (HPP) and Qualified Heath Plan (QHP)

OR-Oregon Managed Care Organizations [15339] ?

Pertains to information for MCOs that provide medical services to injured workers in Oregon

Disasters » Government Services

US federal , state and local government disaster response services

Citizen Corps [20415] ?

Americans working together to strengthen their communities - in response to 9/11 events

Disasters » Insurance

Flood National Flood Insurance Program documents - flood zones

California Earthquake Authority [17516] ?

Provides catastrophic residential earthquake insurance

Environment » Air Quality

Documents on air quality such as reports, regulations, guides, newsletters, etc.

Updated Economic and Cost Analysis for Air Pollution Regulations [12368] ?

Conducts analyses of costs, benefits, and economic and regulatory impacts of air quality management

Financial Risk » Cost Estimating

Online models for estimating the cost of a project, building valuation data, etc

Cost Estimating - Building Construction [3789] ?

Cost estimating worksheets for building construction projects

Updated Department of Defense Reimbursable Rates [13008] ?

Reimbursable rates from the DoD

Fan Cost Index [21989] ?

Annual index tracks the cost of attendance to major league sports events in the USA

Per Diem Rates - USA Federal Government [8001] ?

Per diem rates for USA federal travelers - including allowances for visits to foreign areas

Present Value of $1 to Be Paid in the Future [17724] ?

Use this table to find the Net Present Value of a major purchase or project

US Recent Home Sales [17879] ?

Find out how much homes have sold for in a neighborhood in the USA

Fleet » Costs

Fuel prices, new & used vehicle prices, taxes, cost of accidents

Automotive Adviser [671] ?

Dealer invoice on new vehicles, book value reports for used vehicles and more

Cost of Owning and Operating Automobiles, Vans, and Light Trucks - 2001 [25118] ?

Total costs over 5 years, based on 70,000 miles = cents per mile

Crash Cost Calculator [25001] ?

Use this calculator to estimate the cost associated with a motor vehicle crash

Diesel Fuel Prices [14416] ?

Fuel prices for the latest 53 weeks

Edmund's Car and Truck Buyer Guides [2092] ?

Calculate new and used car and truck prices - plus, auto loan calculator

Gasoline Price Data for US Cities [25196] ?

National and regional fuel prices in the USA

Updated IFTA Tax Rates [12170] ?

Vew a tax rate matrix online, or download a copy

IntelliChoice [25120] ?

Research vehicle costs and compare with average costs of other vehicles in its class - includes costs of ownership

Kelley Blue Book [2091] ?

Calculate the price for new and used cars via Kelley Blue Book - plus, links to related sites

Price of Vehicle Ownership - True Cost to Own [25119] ?

Calculates the additional costs you may not have included when considering your next vehicle purchase

The Cost of Driving [25117] ?

Analysis of typical vehicle purchase, ownership and operating cost estimates

Truck Miles [27181] ?

Daily fuel prices, maps & routes, road conditions

Trucking: Operations Cost Per Mile Worksheet [27180] ?

Article plus MS Excel spreadsheet

True Cost of Driving [12189] ?

Calculate both your out-of-pocket Direct Driver's Expenses and the Indirect Costs of your driving habits

Vehicle Lifecycle Analysis [25111] ?

Determine the actual cost of owning and running a vehicle

Health » CMS

Medicare information for the healthcare industry - directories, fees, contracts,

Medicare Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System [12549] ?

All services paid under the new PPS are classified into groups called Ambulatory Payment Classifications or APCs

Health » Drug Free Workplace

Workplace substance abuse programs, drug policies and more

Alcohol Exclusion Laws [29039] ?

Alcohol exclusion laws permit insurance companies to deny claims associated with the consumption of alcohol

The Effects of Substance Use on Workplace Injuries [pdf] [29038] ?

Research paper investigates the impact of substance abuse on occupational injuries

Health » Insurance

Disability insurance, health insurance, etc.

Health Insurance Costs [24790] ?

Studies and surveys related to employer health benefits

Human Resources » Job Analysis

Full text of sample job descriptions, checklists, documents of job analysis

Occupational Outlook Handbook [1983] ?

Full text of US Dept of Labor publication on the outlook for specific occupations

Human Resources » Management

Concepts, issues, principles, trends and theories of human resources management

Understanding the Costs of Employee Turnover [15476] ?

How to calculate the cost of replacing an employee

Human Resources » Salaries

Obtain salary data for a large number of professions

Employer Salary List [35208] ?

Data pulled from US Department of Labor data and listed by company

Executive PayWatch [2885] ?

AFLCIO's guide to monitoring salaries, bonuses and perks in CEO compensation packages

National Compensation Survey [4057] ?

Approximately 25 data reports on compensation in the United States

Nursing Hourly Rate Survey Report [30403] ?

In the United States

Profession Specific Salary Surveys [4062] ?

Links to a large number of salary surveys with the focus on California

Salary Wizard [17096] ?

Contains salary information on thousands of job titles in the USA

Salary Wizard [13940] ?

Basic report shows national average salaries adjusted by location

Wage Determinations - Davis-Bacon & Service Contract Act [24033] ?

Determines prevailing wage rates to be paid on federally funded or assisted construction projects

Human Resources » Training

Corporate training and development resources

BLS Data: Employer Provided Training [10140] ?

BLS reports on employer-provided formal training

Legal » Intellectual Property

Case developments, articles, resources related to intellectual property

Patent and Trademark Fees [8959] ?

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office fees

Managed Care » Medical Costs

Average cost for medical care per DRG code, medical procedures & costs, etc.

FL-Florida Health Statistics [13160] ?

Ambulatory outpatient data and hospital inpatient data

FL-Florida Prescription Drug Prices [32359] ?

Pricing information for the 100 most commonly used prescription drugs in Florida

HCPCS Codes [22255] ?

Download alpha-numeric HCPCS files and more

Healthcare Bluebook [36201] ?

Find fair prices for surgery, hospital stays, doctor visits, medical tests and more

Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) [4225] ?

Provides data on patient-level information for inpatient hospital stays

Medicare Advantage Ratebooks [9031] ?

View the Medicare Advantage (MA) ratebooks, rate calculation data, and risk adjusters

Medicare Durable Medical Equipment & Supplies Fee Schedule [22262] ?

Search for items by HCPCS, Description and State

Medicare Hospital Payment Data [29081] ?

The costs Medicare pays hospitals for 30 common elective procedures and other hospital admissions

Medicare Payment Systems & Coding Files [15161] ?

Fee schedules, payments systems, etc.

Medicare Physician Fee Schedule [15595] ?

National Physician Fee Schedule Relative Value File (RBRVS)

Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Look-Up [14481] ?

Medicare payment schedule for physicians

Medicare Prospective Payment Systems [11458] ?

Acute Inpatient PPS, Home Health PPS, Hospice PPS, LTC Hospital PPS, and more

MEPS - Medical Expenditure Panel Survey [4226] ?

Select files available online regarding health care expenditures in the USA

National Physician Fee Schedule Relative Value File [22253] ?

Download this Medicare fee schedule

Updated New Choice Health [36202] ?

Medical cost comparison for medical facilities in an area

PRICER Prospective Payment System Software [27369] ?

Inpatient, Skilled Nursing, Home Health, Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities, Long-Term Care Hospitals, Outpatient fees

Updated RBRVS: Resource-Based Relative Value Scale [28848] ?

Conversion Factor and Payment Schedule

WI-Wisconsin Health Data Information Center [12318] ?

Data about charges and services provided by Wisconsin hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers

Managed Care » Report Cards

USQA Quality Reports. NCQA accreditation. CVO certification and more

American Hospital Directory [10136] ?

Hospital comparative database on Medicare claims data, cost reports, and other CMS public use files

Medicine » Education

Seminars, online CME's, etc. for medical professionals - doctors, nurses

Cyberounds [4218] ?

A website for health professionals - offers CME

Medicine » Occupational Medicine

Large number of reference materials on occupational medicine

Police: Fitness for Duty Evaluation Guidelines [6069] ?

Law enforcement officers must be mentally and emotionally stable from the time of hire

Medicine » Pharmaceuticals

Clinical resources on pharmacology

Patient Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs [18654] ?

Pharmaceutical industry directory of those who provide prescription drugs free of charge

Organizations » Mental Health

Associations, non-profits, institutes concerned with mental health

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry [12320] ?

Professional medical association dedicated to treating mental health disorders

OSHA » Statistics

OSHA injury and illness reports

NV-Nevada BLS Statistical Page [8234] ?

Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses for the state of Nevada

Property » Software

Downloadable software for property managers

Energy Cost Calculators [8204] ?

Intended to be used at the facility evaluation & assessment stage of energy project development

Risk Mgt » Auto Liability

Insurance guides related to auto insurance

Comparison of Insurance Costs on the Basis of Damage Susceptibility [pdf] [13628] ?

Comparison of passenger cars, station wagons/passenger vans, pickups and utility vehicles

State Traffic Fatalities [33307] ?

A fact sheet on US national crash statistics involving fatalities

Risk Mgt » Catastrophes

Insurance claims data related to natural catastrophic occurrences in the USA

Updated Billion Dollar U.S. Weather Disasters [2918] ?

Description and reports on billion dollar disasters in the United States

Extreme Weather Sourcebook [18484] ?

Economic and Other Societal Impacts Related to US Weather Phenomena - 2001 report

Risk Mgt » Surety

Surety bonding information

Surety Bond - Overview [8053] ?

Understanding surety bonds

Safety » Foodborne Illness

Guidelines on preventing foodborne illness

Economics of Foodborne Disease [14506] ?

Include medical costs, productivity losses from missed work, and premature deaths

Safety » Slips and Falls

Technical safety materials on falls from walking and working surfaces

Costs of Fall Injuries Among Older Adults [3554] ?

The Costs of Fall-Related Injuries for those over the age of 65

Safety Mgt » Industries

Safety and health hazards & controls in specific industries

Warehouse & Loading Dock Safety [3744] ?

Proper equipment, proper training, and enforcement of safe operating procedures

Security » Fraud

Consumer fraud guides, scam & fraud information, statistics, mail fraud & more

Fraud Resource Center [8263] ?

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners publications related to fraud prevention

State Government » Websites

Access to organizations of state government agencies

State Facts and Information [5881] ?

Legislative news by state and a political almanac of each state

Statistics » Health

Government and industry sources of statistical data on health conditions

CDC Surveillance Resource Center [12321] ?

The collection, analysis, and use of data to target public health prevention

Medicare Physician Fee Schedule [22254] ?

Informational materials related to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

Statistics » Labor

Government and industry sources of statistical data on labor and employment

Compensation Cost Trends [4154] ?

Annual data measuring level of average costs per hour worked

Technology » Web Page Programming

Libraries of CGI scripts, JavaScript, Perl, VBScript, etc & programming guidance

P3P Validator [14377] ?

Checks if the web site is compliant with P3P

Workers Comp » Statistics

State workers comp agency statistical reports & analysis of worker claims

FL-Florida Workers Compensation Statistics [2944] ?

Various workers compensation-related statistics from the state of Florida

MN-Minnesota Workers Compensation Reports [15282] ?

Research and statistics of WC in Minnesota

NM-New Mexico WC Annual Reports and Bulletins [15059] ?

WC costs, statistical tables, etc.

NY-New York Workers Compensation Rating Board Statistics [15336] ?

Average WC claim cost and frequency, loss development factors and more

PA-Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Statistics [18725] ?

Pennsylvania workers compensation and workplace safety report

Workers Compensation Research Institute Abstracts [15099] ?

Abstracts of WC studies peformed by WCRI

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