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    » Environmental Safety & Health

Workplace and environmental health & safety quizzes. Some are a part of online tutorials. Answers are provided. Some are self-scoring.

Disasters » Natural Hazards

Fact sheets on floods, earthquakes, hailstorms, hurricanes, windstorms, etc

Natural Hazards Quiz [11020] ?

Test your natural hazards IQ by taking the Quiz, which covers all types of hazards

Ergonomics » Computers

Computer use hazards and guidelines

Computer Ergonomics in the Workplace [13089] ?

Repetitive motion injury prevention related to computer use

Fleet » Age

Driving tips for senior drivers and teenagers

Vision Safety Tips for Older Drivers [1934] ?

What to expect and when to get eye exams

Fleet » Aggression

Materials on aggressive driving and road rage

Take the Aggressive Driver Test [18870] ?

Answer approx 40 yes/no questions to determine if you are an aggressive driver

Fleet » Associations

Trade associations, alliances & advocates for highway safety

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety [3289] ?

Publicly-supported charitable educational research organization focused on traffic crash prevention

Fleet » CDL

Commercial Drivers License information and resources.

CDL Practice Test [23249] ?

Chance to test your knowledge in real test form

Updated CDL Prep Test [11651] ?

Sample questions to the CDL test

Fleet » Training

Study guide for student drivers, driving tests, model curriculum

AARP Driver Safety [10511] ?

Training for motorists age 50 and older

Online Study Guide for Student Drivers [5691] ?

Designed to enhance understanding of Rules of the Road & includes an online test

Updated Test Drive: Samples of Driver Tests - California [6193] ?

Online sample tests for commercial drivers, regular drivers & motorcycle drivers

Test Your Traffic Safety Acumen [3011] ?

Online quizzes on various traffic safety topics - drowsy driving quiz, drivers age 55+ quiz

Industrial Hygiene » Biosafety

Full text bloodborne pathogens programs and technical resources

Bloodborne Pathogens Reference and Training Manual [5457] ?

Workers tutorial with test and training forms on bloodborne pathogens

Medicine » Occupational Medicine

Large number of reference materials on occupational medicine

Industrial Hygiene/Preventive Medicine Mold Assessment Guide [pdf] [10513] ?

Guidance for industrial hygienists on assessing mold hazards

Risk Mgt » Management

Concepts, issues, principles, and theories of risk management

Test Your Risk IQ [21746] ?

10 question quiz related to business risk

Safety » Electrical

Lock Out/Tag Out Programs and technical reference materials on electrical safety

Electrical Code Quiz [22040] ?

Series of quizzes related to the basic electrical code

Safety » Fall Protection

Falls from elevations and fall protection safety resources

Fall Protection Equipment [18790] ?

A description of various fall protection equipment

Safety » Fatigue

Shiftwork, sleeping disorders, circadian rhythms and more

Epworth Sleepiness Scale [5717] ?

Self-grading quiz helps to determine likelihood of sleep disorders

Safety » PPE-Eyes

Protective eyewear materials

Workplace Eye Safety [pdf] [5978] ?

Ways to prevent eye injuries at work - workplace eye safety quiz

Safety » Sports

Sports injury prevention

Sports Eye Injuries [pdf] [6151] ?

Estimated injuries listed by sport

Safety Mgt » Training

Guidance on safety training presentations, training requirements, etc.

Radiation Safety Materials [12623] ?

Series of safety manuals and quizzes related to lab radiation safety

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