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Full text of radiation safety programs - some currently in use.

Industrial Hygiene » Labs

Chemical Hygiene Plans, standard operating procedures, lab safety programs, etc.

Laboratory Radiation Safety Manual [7862] ?

Full text of a laboratory radiation safety manual

Industrial Hygiene » Lasers

Technical resources related to the safe use of lasers

Canada - Laser Safety Program [4260] ?

Full text of a laser safety manual for the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada

Updated Laser Hazards Control Program [pdf] [812] ?

US Navy laser safety program information

Laser Safety Manual [pdf] [25155] ?

Text of a laser safety program in use by a university's health sciences center

Laser Safety Manual [2252] ?

Full text of the a Laser Safety Manual with appendix on laser light entertainment

Laser Safety Policy Manual [pdf] [22284] ?

Full text of a safety manual related to laser safety

Industrial Hygiene » Radiation

Radiation control programs, technical manuals, tutorials and more

Dosimetry [16642] ?

Sample ALARA policy, exposure limits, forms, etc

Nonionizing Radiation Safety Program [10274] ?

Example of a program focused on US DOE technical standards

Radiation Food Safety and Japanese Food [3333] ?

USDA U.S. Food, Animal and Agricultural Commodities Import Safety Process

Radiation Protection Manual [pdf] [6453] ?

Engineering manual covers personnel safety, transport safety, waste management, and more

Radiation Safety Manual [25145] ?

Example of a major university's radiation safety program

Radiation Safety Manual [28510] ?

Goal is to achieve ALARA - As Low As is Reasonably Achieveable radiation exposures

Radiation Safety Manual - University [pdf] [851] ?

Full text of a university's Radiation Safety Manual for their staff and students

Radiation Safety Office [2253] ?

Radiation and laser safety manuals, fact sheets, resources, etc.

Radiation Safety Protection [16643] ?

Sample radiation safety program

Updated US Army Radiation Safety Program [pdf] [3830] ?

Control of hazards to health from laser radiation, ionizing radiation, x-ray systems and more

Medicine » Radiation

Resources related to nuclear medicine

Updated Radiation Health Protection Manual [pdf] [23949] ?

Radiation protection program to protect medical personnel from ionizing radiation

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