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    » Safety - Hazard Control

Full text of programs in PPE, hearing conservation, lock-out/tagout, forklifts, ladders, etc - some currently in use.

Chemicals » Asbestos

Asbestos control programs, health effects, abatement, technical resources, etc.

Asbesto Management Guide [pdf] [18421] ?

Full text of a program in use by the US Postal Services

Asbestos Management Plan [pdf] [2658] ?

Text of an asbestos safety program

Asbestos Operations and Maintenance [15289] ?

Procedures in use at a major university

Chemicals » Lead

Information and resources on lead and lead poisoning

Lead Exposure Management Plan [12663] ?

Designed for compliance with 29 CFR 1910.1025 and 1926.62

Chemicals » Storage

Guidelines for proper storage of chemicals, compatibility charts, etc.

Updated Laboratories and Chemical Storage Safety Rules [pdf] [3499] ?

A guide for laboratory safety

Disasters » Emergency Plans

Examples of emergency management and action plans

School Emergency Preparedness Plan & Forms [8864] ?

Model program can be adapted to the needs of your site

Disasters » Hazmat

Hazardous waste and spill containment emergency response - hazmat teams

Medical Laboratory Hazardous Waste Management [2746] ?

Full text of a hazardous waste management program

Disasters » Storms

Reference materials on thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes, hail

Lightning Protection Manual [pdf] [26101] ?

Lightning protection, grounding, bonding, shielding, and surge protection requirements (pdf)

Environment » Hazardous Wastes

Guides for hazardous waste management, site remediation, waste minimization

Hazardous Waste Training Manual [pdf] [21050] ?

A laboratory hazardous waste management training manual

Laboratory Spill Response [3613] ?

Example of a standard operating procedures for spill control in a laboratory

Updated Radioactive Waste Management [8222] ?

Types, management, disposal

Environment » Water

Documents on drinking water quality such as reports, regulations, guides, news

Bottled Water Safety [10149] ?

Some Key Differences Between EPA Tap Water and FDA Bottled Water Rules

How Safe is Drinking Water Groundwater & Surface Water Interactions [5962] ?

This guide is intended for the layperson

Ergonomics » Case Studies

Real-life ergonomics studies conducted by universities, consulting firms, etc

FAA Human Factors Research [5511] ?

Human factors research topics/papers related to aviation

Fleet » Fleet Policies

Sample fleet-related company policies - vehicle use, drivers, seat belts, etc.

State Fleet Safety Program [pdf] [24719] ?

Text of a fleet safety program used by the State of South Carolina for their state agencies

Industrial Hygiene » Biosafety

Full text bloodborne pathogens programs and technical resources

Biosafety [16657] ?

Bloodborne pathogens and biosafety procedures

Biosafety Hazards & Controls [14058] ?

Information for employees exposed to biosafety hazards

Biosafety Manual [pdf] [21046] ?

Full text of a laboratory biosafety manual

Biosafety Manual [28494] ?

Requirements for working safely with biohazardous material

Biosafety Program [23306] ?

Designed for research laboratories

Biosafety Programs [27283] ?

Includes a plan for bloodborne pathogens, hantavirus control procedures and medical waste managment

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plans [12692] ?

Fill-in-the-blank bloodborne pathogens exposure control plans for non-medical & medical facilities

Bloodborne Pathogen Sample Program [pdf] [22362] ?

Text of a sample program

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Program [28493] ?

Precautions included are: medical surveillance, training, safe work practices, decontamination and disposal

Updated Bloodborne Pathogens Model Exposure Control Plan [6642] ?

Employer compliance guide to the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

Bloodborne Pathogens Plan [23910] ?

Designed by a university for their employees

Bloodborne Pathogens Sample Plan [15235] ?

Fill in the blank sample safety program

Model Biomedical Waste Plan [pdf] [23098] ?

How to handle biomedical wastes

Sample BBP Exposure Control Plan [26443] ?

A sample written program

Industrial Hygiene » Confined Spaces

Technical resources related to confined space requirements

Confined Space - Sample Program [31737] ?

A written permit space program for the workplace

Confined Space Entry Program [pdf] [2744] ?

Example of safe work practice policies

Confined Space Program [pdf] [10536] ?

Policies and procedures portion of a safety manual on confined spaces

Confined Space Safety Program [15505] ?

Useful tools, including Confined Space Inventories and Written Procedures

Updated Permit-Required Confined Space [pdf] [23114] ?

Program guidance

Permit-Required Confined Space Program [pdf] [23126] ?

Example of a written program for a medical center

Sample Program for Confined Space [pdf] [26672] ?

Example of a confined space safety program

Industrial Hygiene » EMF

Electromagnetic field radiation reference materials

US DoD Protecting Personnel from Electromagnetic Fields [pdf] [40641] ?

Text of the US Dept of Defense manual

Industrial Hygiene » Hazard Communications

Full text of hazard communication programs and resources

Hazard Communication Safety Program [16512] ?

Specific procedures to identify and evaluate the chemical hazards in the workplace

Sample Hazard Communication Program [39988] ?

Designed by the State of Indiana

Updated Sample Hazard Communication Program [26673] ?

Example of a safety program for hazard communication created by the State of Missouri

Sample Hazardous Chemical Communication Program [18423] ?

Sample written program designed by the State of Washington

US DoD Hazard Communication Program [pdf] [40639] ?

Text of the US Dept of Defense manual

Industrial Hygiene » Indoor Air

IAQ guides, checklists, fact sheets, sick building syndrome & more

IAQ Checklist [pdf] [13426] ?

To be used when evaluating indoor air quality

Industrial Hygiene » Labs

Chemical Hygiene Plans, standard operating procedures, lab safety programs, etc.

Chemical Hygiene Plan [22358] ?

Text of a sample program and more

Chemical Hygiene Plan & Laboratory Guide [21663] ?

Full text of a CHP in use by a major university

Updated Design Requirements Manual for Biomedical Laboratories and Animal Research Facilities [16828] ?

Design manual for biomedical research laboratory and animal research facilities

Lab Safety - University [16644] ?

Materials from a major state university

Laboratory Safety Hazards & Control [16054] ?

FDA Laboratory Safety Plan

Sample Chemical Hygiene Plan Template [11960] ?

Full text of a CHP used by a major university in their laboratories

University Chemical Hygiene Plan [16868] ?

Full text of a chemical hygiene plan

Industrial Hygiene » Lasers

Technical resources related to the safe use of lasers

Laser Safety Program [19045] ?

Controls for safe operation of lasers in laboratories

Industrial Hygiene » Noise

Hearing conservation programs, acoustics, hearing protection devices, etc.

A Practical Guide to Hearing Conservation Programs in the Workplace [5087] ?

Download a comprehensive guide to establishing workplace hearing conservation programs

DoD Hearing Conservation Program [pdf] [11944] ?

Guidance regarding HCP implementation

Elements of an Effective Hearing Conservation Program [3109] ?

Outlines the basic elements required in a hearing conservation program

Hearing Conservation Manual [pdf] [28499] ?

28 page manual

Hearing Conservation Program [2250] ?

Full text of a hearing conservation program for university employees

Hearing Conservation Program [6460] ?

A hearing conservation program used by the US Army Corps of Engineers

Hearing Conservation Program [6668] ?

In addition to the text of the program, includes SOPs for hearing protection

Hearing Conservation Program [14511] ?

Text of a hearing conservation policy in use by a major university

Hearing Conservation Program - Medical College [pdf] [23120] ?

Example of a written program in use

Hearing Conservation Program Policies [pdf] [39989] ?

A sample hearing conservation program

Hearing Loss Prevention Program [19046] ?

Hearing conservation program materials

NIOSH Recommendations for Hearing Loss Prevention Programs [6074] ?

Be implemented for all workers whose unprotected 8-hr TWA exposures equal or exceed 85dBA

Sample Hearing Loss Prevention Program [doc] [35417] ?

Customize this program according to your workplace

Updated Sample Program for Hearing Conservation [26674] ?

Example of a 5 page safety program for hearing conservation-

Industrial Hygiene » Radiation

Radiation control programs, technical manuals, tutorials and more

Campus Radiation Safety Manual [pdf] [27279] ?

A manual of radiation safety requirements

Manual for the Safe Handling of Radioactive Substances [pdf] [16830] ?

A manual on radiation safety

Radiation Safety Handbook [27958] ?

Example of a handbook for laboratory radiation safety

Radiation Safety Program [27240] ?

A program in place at a university hospital

Industrial Hygiene » Respirators

Respirator fit, full text of respiratory programs, etc.

Checklist for Respiratory Protection Programs [pdf] [23122] ?

Focus is on California requirements

Updated Public Sector Respiratory Protection Model Program [pdf] [21137] ?

Designed to help public employers and employees comply with the Respiratory Protection Standard

Respiratory Protection Program [pdf] [27282] ?

Consists of 10 sections plus cleaning and selection criteria materials

Respiratory Protection Program [23323] ?

Includes sample forms & safety SOP's

Respiratory Protection Program Guide [39990] ?

Used to create a respirator protection program

Respiratory Protection Program Template [pdf] [35758] ?

A 20 page sample program

Sample Construction Respirator Program [12580] ?

Full text of a fill-in-the-blanks construction respirator program

Sample Respiratory Protection Materials [16340] ?

Guidance and sample programs for respiratory protection in the workplace

Sample Respiratory Protection Program [15233] ?

Fill in the blank sample safety program

Updated Written Program: Respiratory [23121] ?

Example of a program in use at a major university

Industrial Hygiene » Temperatures

Stress on the body from heat and cold

WA-Washington Sample Outdoor Heat Exposure Plan [doc] [35429] ?

Helps ensure compliance with the Outdoor Heat Exposure rule, WAC 296-62-095

Industrial Hygiene » Ventilation

Fume hoods and other ventilation technical resource information

Fume Hoods: Design Criteria [pdf] [16829] ?

Design requirements for fume hoods

Medicine » Infection Control

Infection control in hospitals and healthcare institutions

Updated Infectious Substance Shipping [13474] ?

The text of a hospital's policy regarding shipping infectious substances

Medicine » Occupational Medicine

Large number of reference materials on occupational medicine

Occupational Medicine Program [23307] ?

A university's resources

Medicine » Radiation

Resources related to nuclear medicine

Radiation Event Medical Management [14545] ?

Guidance on diagnosis and treatment, decontamination procedures, etc. for health care providers


OSHA technical resources on hazwoper

Model Health & Safety Plan (HASP) for Clean-up of Facilities Contaminated with Anthrax Spores [23379] ?

Template for the requirements of OSHA's Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) Standard

OSHA » Publications

OSHA fact Sheets, publications, online documents

OR-OSHA Publications [15489] ?

Oregon OSHA publications such as sample safety programs, checklists, newsletter, reports

OSHA » Respirators

OSHA technical resources on respiratory protection

OSHA » Safety Programs

OSHA technical resources on safety programs, including motor vehicle safety

Canada: Sample Safety Program Materials [12382] ?

Sample programs, posters, construction safety materials and more

CT-Connecticut OSHA Sample Programs [15232] ?

Fill in the blank sample safety programs

Updated ID-Idaho Sample Programs for General Industry and Construction [40161] ?

Sample written programs and support materials

ME-Maine Sample Safety Programs [25125] ?

Sample programs for some of the most commonly needed programs

Updated MO-Missouri Sample OSHA Standard Specific Programs [24272] ?

Samples of workplace safety programs

NC-North Carolina Sample Safety Programs [29337] ?

A series of sample safety programs related to construction and to general industry

NM-New Mexico Sample Written Safety Programs [40204] ?

A series of templates created by New Mexico OSHA

OK-Oklahoma Public Employee Occupational Safety & Health [23135] ?

Sample written safety programs and materials

OR-Oregon OSHA Publications [12691] ?

Download a series of publications related to safety management

OSHA Sample Programs - BBP & Hazcom [pdf] [33610] ?

Model plans and programs for the OSHA bloodborne pathogens and hazard communications standards

SC-South Carolina OSHA Sample Written Plans [36403] ?

For hazcom, LOTO, BBP and respiratory protection

OSHA » Training

Guidance on safety training presentations, OSHA training requirements, etc.

KY-Kentucky OSHA Instructional Publications [3199] ?

Instructions on safety program requirements for the state

Property » Extinguishers

References on portable fire extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Selection [23314] ?

Classifications, Characteristics, and Maintenance Requirements for Fire Extinguishers

Fixed Fire Suppression Systems [28492] ?

All fixed fire suppression systems shall be inspected, maintained and tested in accordance with this policy

Property » Safety Programs

Full text fire safety programs, checklists and support materials

Emergency Prevention and Fire Prevention Plan [pdf] [26138] ?

A sample program for industry

Emergency Response Rules [pdf] [26842] ?

Employee rules for fire emergency, disasters, severe weather, etc.

Fire Protection & Control Rules [pdf] [26841] ?

Employee rules related to fire safety

Model Fire Protection Handbook [23539] ?

DOE directives applicable to a fire protection program

Property Loss Control Program [27867] ?

Guidelines for hot work, fire detection equipment inspection/testing, impairment procedures and more

Sample Fire Safety Plan Materials [23804] ?

Includes a checklist, policies and procedures for fire drills, fire extinguisher placement and more

Risk Mgt » Inland Marine

Equipment breakdown insurance

Tower Manual [pdf] [25470] ?

Manual on management of permanent elevated structures over 20 feet in height

Safety » Agriculture

Large number of agriculture safety bulletins, including dust hazards and control

Agricultural Safety Materials [16873] ?

Information on agricultural accidents, chemicals, safety and children, commercial food safety and more

Safety » Arts

Health and safety for art classes, theaters, schools, and entertainment industry

Art Health and Safety Manual [36032] ?

Includes safety policies for specific art studios - ceramics, jewelry, metal, printmaking, photography, fiber arts, etc

Safety » Aviation

Safety materials related to aviation

Business Aviation Safety [26965] ?

Safety guidelines for business aviation

Business Aviation Safety Manual [26964] ?

Sample safety manual for business aviation

Safety » Boating-Marine

Resources on boating and marine safety

US Coast Guard Civil Engineering Manual [pdf] [25473] ?

Coast Guard Naval Engineering policies and procedures

USCG Marine Safety Manuals [11896] ?

US Coast Guard recommended occupational safety and health program

Safety » Construction

Workplace safety and health resources for construction hazards

NM-New Mexico Sample Written Safety Programs [40206] ?

Fall protection for construction, hazard communication, confined spaces, respiratory, trenching and excavation

Owner's Responsibility to Construction Safety [pdf] [39375] ?

Role of the owner in jobsite safety

Petroleum Contractor Safety Program [pdf] [40130] ?

Designed for new construction, demolition, clean-up of underground and above ground storage tank systems

Road Construction Safety and Health Program [39374] ?

Example of a safety program designed for an interchange road construction project

Safety and Health on Bridge Repair, Renovation, and Demolition Projects [12577] ?

A guideline that addresses the specific safety and health concerns and issues affecting contractors

Safety » Cranes-Hoists

Crane and hoist safety program materials

Crane and Hoist & Rigging Safety Program [pdf] [2659] ?

Text of the safety guidelines, self inspection checklist etc. for a crane and hoist safety program

Crane Safety Policy [16227] ?

Applies to overhead and gantry cranes, semi-gantry, cantilever gantry, wall cranes, storage bridge cranes, etc

Cranes & Hoists Safety Requirements [17019] ?

Example of a safety manual and forms related to hoists and cranes

Updated Sample Crane & Hoist Safety Program [25411] ?

Involves the use of cranes and hoists installed in or attached to buildings

Safety » Electrical

Lock Out/Tag Out Programs and technical reference materials on electrical safety

Cal OSHA Lockout/Tagout eTool [11346] ?

For employers in California

Campus Lockout Tagout Procedure [pdf] [27293] ?

In use at a major university

Control of Hazardous Energy [pdf] [6458] ?

Lock-out/tag-out program used by the US Army Corps of Engineers

Control of Hazardous Energy Lockout - Tagout Program [2246] ?

Full text of a lockout - tagout program for the control of hazardous energy

Lock Out - Tag Out Program [1297] ?

Lock Out - Tag Out Program - full text

Lockout Tagout Procedures [pdf] [10151] ?

Example of a LOTO program

Lockout Tagout Safety Program Implementation Tools [16604] ?

Support materials for implementing a LOTO program

Lockout/Tagout Policy [pdf] [25335] ?

Sample policy in use at a major university

LOTO Written Program [pdf] [29091] ?

Example of a lockout/tagout program

Sample Energy Control Program (Lockout/Tagout) [15236] ?

Fill in the blank sample safety program

Sample Hazardous Energy Control Program [25124] ?

Sample lockout/tagout program materials

Updated Sample Lockout Tagout Program [26675] ?

Example of a safety program for locking out and tagging out electrical equipment

Sample Lockout/Tagout Program [pdf] [9684] ?

Sample written program

Written Program : Energy Control Procedure (Lockout/Tagout) [pdf] [23115] ?

Example of a written program for a medical center

Safety » Fall Protection

Falls from elevations and fall protection safety resources

Updated Fall Protection Considerations [38471] ?

The following factors are key considerations to provide maximum fall protection safety

Fall Protection Guide for Aircraft Maintenance and Inspection [pdf] [38475] ?

Example of a fall protection program - aircraft maintenance, inspection, and other related work

Sample Fall Protection Program [23809] ?

A sample program focused on OSHA compliance

United Kingdom: Work at Height [31742] ?

UK's requirements

Safety » Food Safety

Guidance on food safety from production to consumption

ID-Idaho Food Safety Manual [25464] ?

Includes the Idaho Food Code

Safety » Forklifts

Forklift safety program materials

Forklift and Powered Industrial Truck Safety [22283] ?

Forklift safety program that includes pallet safety

Forklift Safety Program [pdf] [23322] ?

Text of a safety program for forklifts includes forklift safety forms

Industrial Truck Safety Policy [pdf] [23905] ?

Text of a sample program

Safety » Ladders-Platforms

Ladder and work platform safety

Safety Checklist for Mobile Ladder Stands [3166] ?

Designed for controlling falls from mobile ladder stands

Safety » Machine Guarding

Machine safeguarding materials

Concepts and Techniques of Machine Safeguarding [2248] ?

A machine safeguarding program based on OSHA materials from 1992

Safety » Office Safety

Checklists, office safety programs, training materials, home offices, etc.

Health & Safety in the Office [pdf] [9506] ?

A guide to office safety and health

Office Safety Fact Sheet [pdf] [2762] ?

Basics of an office safety program

Office Safety Work Practices [pdf] [27243] ?

Outlines office safety hazards and injury prevention strategies

Safety » Patient Safety

Medical errors, medication errors, patient safety guidance

Guidelines for the Use and Handling of Hazardous Drugs [pdf] [13476] ?

Full text of a hazardous drug handling policy in use by a major university's medical center

Safety » Playgrounds

Playground safety information

Child Development Center Play Area Inspection and Maintenance Program [pdf] [2628] ?

Child play area inspection & maintenance program from US Army Corps of Engineers - pdf format

Safety » PPE

Workplace Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Programs

Personal Protective Equipment Program [880] ?

Text of a safety program for personal protective equipment

Personal Protective Equipment Program Materials [23806] ?

PPE program protection selection chart, hazard assessment guide and more

Personal Protective Equipment Safety Checklist [pdf] [3171] ?

A safety checklist on PPE

PPE Equipment Checklist for Shops [pdf] [23906] ?

Based on CalOSHA requirements

Sample PPE Program [pdf] [35756] ?

A basic sample safety program for personal protective equipment

Safety » Restaurants

Safety talks and information for restaurants and food operations

Food Service Manual [pdf] [25466] ?

Describes policies, procedures and responsibilities for food service support of dining facilities

Food Service Operations and HACCP [pdf] [16150] ?

A manual for the use of HACCP in food service establishments

Safety » Swimming

Pool and spa safety - drowning prevention

Updated Diving Safety Manual [pdf] [22286] ?

A written manual

Swim Club Risk Management [39376] ?

Insurance and risk management issues relatged to swim clubs

Safety Mgt » EHS Departments

Home pages of environmental health & safety departments

Updated NIH Division of Occupational Health & Safety [11773] ?

Home page of the safety department for the research division of the National Institutes of Health

Safety Mgt » Forms

Forms used by safety departments

Building Safety Survey Form [pdf] [28486] ?

Example of a workplace safety inspection form

Safety Mgt » Industries

Safety and health hazards & controls in specific industries

County Government Safety Programs [36716] ?

A series of safety program sections designed for California county governments

Landscape Services SOPs [23291] ?

Safety policies for landscape services

Safety Mgt » Safety Programs

Full text of over 30 workplace safety and health programs & manuals

Cart/Utility Vehicle Operation Procedure [24831] ?

Information on cart and low speed vehicle (LSV) safe operating requirements and procedures (golf carts)

EHS Manuals and Plans [12662] ?

A series of full text safety manuals in actual use

Medical Center Safety Manual [13475] ?

In use by a major university's medical center

Occupational Safety and Health Manual [pdf] [27242] ?

18 chapters - over 100 pages

Updated Physical Plant Safety Manual [pdf] [24905] ?

Sample safety manual in use at a major university

Safety & Health Program for Field Operations [pdf] [25408] ?

A series of 38 topics in a safety manual for those who work in field operations

Safety / Loss Control Program Materials [15600] ?

Sample safety checklists, forms, programs and manuals

Safety Program Documents [23290] ?

Full text of a variety of safety programs - asbestos, hazcom, CHP, confined space, biosafety and more

Sample IIPP Programs [40707] ?

California Model Injury and Illness Prevention Programs for restaurants, contractors, offices and general industry

Sample OSHA Programs [13072] ?

These sample plans are for example and to give ideas

Sample Safety Guidelines, Policies & Procedures [23805] ?

Hearing conservation, PPE, fire safety, confined space, fall protection and more

Sample Written Safety Program [pdf] [23108] ?

For general business

Standard Operating Procedures - Safety [23289] ?

Text of a wide variety of safety SOP's

University Safety Program [25300] ?

Text of the safety policies in use at a major university

US Army Safety Program [27208] ?

The text of a series of safety program components

Security » School Security

Guides for schools to prevent violence - checklists, sample policies

Balancing Student Privacy and School Safety [23393] ?

A Guide to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Security » Violence

Guidelines, statistics, resources for preventing violence in the workplace

Guidelines for Workplace Security [1572] ?

Guidelines to control workplace violence including investigation guidelines

Workplace Violence Manual [24093] ?

Addresses workplace violence prevention, intervention, and recovery initiatives

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