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Access to the full text of a country's laws and regulations related to public health.

Health » HIPAA

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 materials

HIPAA Administrative Simplification [16896] ?

Statutes and rules regarding the electronic health care transactions and code sets, unique health identifiers, security

HIPAA FAQ [16897] ?

Laws under which Office for Civil Rights (OCR) eliminates unlawful discrimination

HIPAA Privacy Enforcement Rule [21940] ?

Text of the rules (history)

Health » Medical Center Mgt

Handbooks for medical staff and patients, departmental resources

Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network [14339] ?

A public-private partnership that links all of the professionals involved in the donation and transplantation system

Intl Countries » Canada

Canada - References from government and business entities

Health Legislation - British Columbia [15762] ?

Text of the Acts and Regulations under the Jurisdiction of the Minister of Health

Health Legislation - New Brunswick [15761] ?

Text of the Acts of the New Brunswick Dept of Health & Wellness

Intl Countries » Guam

References from government and business entities in Guam

Regulations » CMS

Full text of laws promulgated by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Laws & Regulations [3727] ?

Full text of various laws and regulations promulgated by CMS

Regulations » FDA

Full text of 21 CFR Food & Drug regulations - FDA Food Code, etc.

1999 FDA Food Code [4237] ?

Full text of the 1999 FDA Food Code

2001 FDA Food Code [22107] ?

Full text of the 2001 FDA Food Code

21 CFR Food and Drug [3819] ?

Full text of Title 21 of the federal code on food and drug legislation

FDA Food Code [1539] ?

Versions from 1999 to the present

FDA Laws & Statutes [22454] ?

Compilation of Laws Enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Related Statutes

Search CFR Title 21 Database [22456] ?

Code of Federal Regulations - Title 21 - Food and Drugs - search engine

USC Title 21 Food and Drug Law Materials [11097] ?

Text of the US Code

Regulations » Health

Full text of state health laws - access to state health departments

Updated Affordable Care Act [39883] ?

Text of the act

CFR Title 42 Public Health [8697] ?

Text of the US federal regulations relating to public health

State Government » VT-Vermont

Access to state agencies and laws for the state of Vermont

Vermont Agency of Human Services [40252] ?

Text of the regulations - includes the Department of Health

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