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Online access to clinical treatment guidelines from medical associations, government entities, etc.

Disasters » Health Services

Emergency plans and disaster guidance for health care facilities

Updated Hazardous Materials Incidents - Emergency Response [151] ?

ATSDR emergency procedures for incidents involving hazardous materials/chemicals

Medical Aspects of Chemical Warfare [20402] ?

Treating chemical casualties of war

Ergonomics » Medicine

Clinical practice guidelines, patient handouts on low back pain, CTS, etc.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Clinical Guidelines [8870] ?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment recommendations

Health » Aging

Resources on nursing homes, eldercare, etc.

Urinary Incontinence in Adults, Clinical Practice Guideline [16129] ?

Establishing an Effective Continence Program in a Long-Term Care Facilities

Health » Ethics in Medicine

Ethical, professional and public policy statements for health care

Code of Ethical Conduct [2487] ?

Ethical Guidelines for Occupational and Environmental Medicine Expert Witnesses

Health » Substance Abuse

Guidance in the substance abuse treatment field

Clinician's Guide to Helping Patients with Alcohol Problems [pdf] [1673] ?

Guide for physicians developed by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism

Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment [3618] ?

Principles of effective drug abuse treatment

Medicine » Anesthesia

Textbooks, adverse events, anesthesia safety and related materials

Standards of the American Society of Anesthesiologists [15001] ?

Generally accepted principles for patient management

Medicine » Cancer

Clinical resources on the medical treatment of cancer

Finding Cancer Treatment [8895] ?

Finding cancer treatment centers

Medicine » Clinical Guidelines

Full text of clinical practice guidelines for numerous specialties in medicine

A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine [5231] ?

A guide to the patient physical exam

AACE Clinical Guidelines - Endocrine [8275] ?

Clinical guidelines for endocrine conditions

AAFP Policy Statements and Clinical Policies [8887] ?

American Academy of Family Physicians clinical guidelines

AAN - American Academy of Neurology Practice Guidelines [18721] ?

The text of the official AAN clinical practice guidelines

AHRQ Archived Clinical Practice Guidelines [16132] ?

These recommendations are outdated and are no longer viewed as guidance - archival database only

American Heart Association Statements & Guidelines [546] ?

AHA publishes medical scientific statements on various cardiovascular disease and stroke topics

American Optometric Association Clinical Practice Guidelines [24439] ?

Text of the clinical practice guidelines for optometry

British Columbia, Canada - Clinical Practice Guidelines and Protocols [2769] ?

Text of clinical practice guidelines

CA-California Industrial Medical Council Guidelines [3347] ?

Evaluation protocols - for injuries rated with the 1997 permanent disability rating schedule or latest

Cardiology Clinical Practice Guidelines [895] ?

American College of Cardiology & American Heart Association cardiovascular disease guidelines

Updated Chest: Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines [8898] ?

American College of Chest Physicians clinical practice guidelines

Clinical Oncology Clinical Practice Guidelines [24509] ?

Advice for medical professionals

Community Guide [1662] ?

Guide to Community Preventive Services prevention guidelines for 12 target conditions

COPD Guidelines [8881] ?

From the American Thoracic Society

Guidelines for Medical Care and Treatment of Blood Pressure in Acute Stroke [8875] ?

Treatment of blood pressure in acute stroke

Updated HIV Treatment Guidelines [18057] ?

US federally approved treatment guidelines for HIV and AIDS

ICSI Health Care Guidelines [18562] ?

Text of the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement's 47 health care guidelines

IDSA Practice Guidelines [22641] ?

Practice Guidelines from the Infectious Diseases Society of America

Management of Chronic Multisymptom Illness (CMI) [26319] ?

Formerly known as Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS)

MMWR Recommendations and Reports [3383] ?

Current issues and archives off MMWR guidelines for public health

Updated National Guideline Clearing House - Index [321] ?

The listing is organized alphabetically, by organization name

Updated National Guideline Clearinghouse [9495] ?

An internet resource for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines

Updated National Guidelines Syntheses - Compare Guidelines [933] ?

Syntheses are systematic comparisons of selected guidelines that address similar topic areas

New Zealand Guidelines [1155] ?

Clinical practice guidelines for New Zealand

NIH Consensus Statements [1213] ?

Access to more than 100 NIH Consensus Development Program Statements

Pain: AAPM Clinical Guidelines [8896] ?

American Academy of Pain Medicine guidelines on chronic pain

Pediatrics: AAP Policy Statements [8899] ?

Official policy statements from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Stroke Prevention Guidelines [10121] ?

Medical advice

Systematic Evidence Reviews and Clinical Practice Guidelines [3236] ?

Guidelines for asthma, cholesterol, hypertension and obesity

United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) [9500] ?

Preventive medicine clinical guidelines

Vaccine Immunization Schedules [1421] ?

Recommendations from the CDC

WHO - HIV Guidelines [8871] ?

HIV guidelines developed by the World Health Organization

Medicine » Diabetes

Clinical resources on the medical treatment of diabetes

Diabetes Standards of Care [3406] ?

From the American Diabetes Associations' clinical practice recommendations for diabetes care

Medicine » Disease-Infectious

Clinical resources on the medical treatment of infectious disease

Infection Surveillance and Prevention [2100] ?

Information on central lines, surgical site infectios, ventilator pneumonia, MRSA and more

STD Treatment Guidelines [23287] ?

Information for public health personnel

World Health Organization SARS Guidelines [23375] ?

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) guidelines, recommendations, descriptions

Medicine » First Aid

Full text of first aid manuals and handouts

Medicine » Infection Control

Infection control in hospitals and healthcare institutions

Updated Infection Control Polices [pdf] [24537] ?

Text of a hospital's infection control polices and procedures

Management of Health-Care Worker Exposures to HIV [23026] ?

Public health service recommendations for the management of health-care workers exposed to HIV

Medicine » Occupational Medicine

Large number of reference materials on occupational medicine

ACOEM Position Statements and Guidelines [2488] ?

Position statements on Occupational Medicine & Environmental Medicine

Medical Guidelines: Lead-Exposed Workers [14143] ?

Medical management of the lead-exposed worker

Medicine » Orthopedics

Clinical resources on orthopedics

Orthopedic Surgery [799] ?

Physician reference articles

Medicine » Pulmonary

Clinical resources on the medical treatment of pulmonary disease

Asthma: National Asthma Education and Prevention Program [9420] ?

Guides for the diagnosis and management of asthma for sufferers

Medicine » Radiology

Clinical resources for radiology

ACR: Appropriateness Criteria for Imaging and Treatment Decisions [8869] ?

References from the American College of Radiology on Appropriate Utilization

Medicine » Sports Medicine

Subjects related to sports medicine and sports science

Health Appraisal Guidelines for Day Camps and Resident Camps [8903] ?

Medical guidelines for medical professionals

Updated IAAF Medical Manual [8916] ?

Sports medicine

Medicine » Surgery

Clinical resources on surgery

Use of Antimicrobial Prophylaxis for Major Surgery [pdf] [2101] ?

Baseline Results From the National Surgical Infection Prevention Project

Medicine » Wound Care

Medical protocols and guidance regarding wound care, pressure ulcers, etc.

Diabetic Foot Disorders Clinical Practice Guideline [26984] ?

American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons clinical treatment guidelines

Updated International Pressure Ulcer Guideline [2779] ?

Text of the Quick Reference Guide

Organizations » Medicine

Associations, non-profits, institutes that are part of the medical profession

American Insitute of Ultrasound Medicine [22442] ?

Association for those involved in the use of ultrasound for medical diagnosis

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