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Download business forms. Examples: USA federal and state tax forms. Model business letters, contracts, policies, forms, templates, etc.

Disasters » Business Continuity

Business continuity planning, business recovery post-disaster

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for IT Assurance [pdf] [29770] ?

For information technology business continuity planning

Updated Business Continuity Plan Checklist [29768] ?

For use in your business continuity or disaster recovery plan

Business Continuity Plan Checklist for Pandemic Flu [pdf] [29769] ?

A checklist for plan development

Vendor Business Continuity Planning Questionnaire [pdf] [29763] ?

Distribute to vendors and business partners critical to your business operations

Fleet » Fleet Policies

Sample fleet-related company policies - vehicle use, drivers, seat belts, etc.

Motor Vehicle Safety Policy [22588] ?

A sample policy

General Business » Collections

Resources for credit and collections professionals

Collection Letters [20528] ?

3 sample collection letters

Sample Debt Collection Letters [20530] ?

Text of letters mailed to a debtor in the normal routine associated with the collection process

General Business » Customer Relations

Effective customer relations, complaint handling, customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Surveys [11120] ?

Customer satisfaction surveys designed to help you gather important information

General Business » Internal Audit

Resources for internal audit departments

Internal Controls: Audit Committees Effectiveness [24216] ?

Guidance and tools to make audit committee best practices actionable

General Business » Nonprofits

Management of nonprofits, risk management, insurance, issues

Volunteer Management Practices and Retention [25192] ?

How to retain volunteers

General Business » Pensions

Pension plan guides for employers, plan participants and others

Pension and Retirement Plan Tools and Tips [5109] ?

Provides tools (IRS series 5500 forms) & practical applications (checklists, tips)

General Business » RFP

How to write and respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP)

Request for Proposal for Employee Benefit Plans [pdf] [29881] ?

Guidance on how to create an RFP for employee benefit plans

RFP Library - Information Technology [29880] ?

Tips on the RFP process plus sample RFPs for IT

Sample Request for Proposal to Engage a CPA [29882] ?

Includes items to include in response to the Request for Proposal Package

General Business » Small Business

Guides, handbooks, tools, forms, software, etc. for small business

Small Business Resources [23642] ?

Guidance on business plans, financing, online presence and more

Health » HSA

Resources related to Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs)

Human Resources » Policies

Ready-to-use sample letters, contracts, forms, policies, checklists

Business Forms [2028] ?

A variety of business templates: sample forms, policies and checklists

Legal » Arbitration

Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) - mediation

Arbitration Library [5216] ?

Documents to help enhance knowledge of alternative dispute resolution

Legal » Forms

Large number of resources for fill-in-the-blank legal forms and contracts

Advance Directives: State by State Forms [14692] ?

State-by-state forms for your instructions in the event you become unable to speak for yourself

Business & General Forms [5271] ?

Full text of a very large number of fill-in-the-blank business forms

Business Forms and Templates [506] ?

A variety of sample forms

Business Letters & Legal Forms [2636] ?

Several hundred legal related forms and sample form letters covering many subjects

CORI Contracts Library [8298] ?

Archive of contracts

FindForms [14317] ?

Search engine and index for full text legal forms available on the internet

Law Practice Forms [4434] ?

Forms for Law Office Management, General Legal Practice and Litigation

Legal Forms Archive [4112] ?

Large number of sample legal forms

Sample Business Letters [3604] ?

Hundreds of sample business letters

Sample Municipal Forms [20860] ?

These samples are for the principal use of cities, towns and counties

Small Business Forms [20689] ?

Forms from the Small Business Administration

Template Gallery [11359] ?

Business, staffing and management, legal forms and more

USA GSA Forms [20694] ?

Forms in use by the US General Services Administration

USA IRS Forms [20690] ?

Forms from the Internal Revenue Service

Legal » Real Estate Law

Case developments, articles, resources related to real estate law

Landlord / Tenant & Real Property Issues [5367] ?

Provides real estate laws, general information & related forms

Regulations » Tax Codes

Full text of the Internal Revenue Code Title 26 of the U.S. Code

IRS Forms and Publications [8480] ?

Download IRS forms and publications

State Tax Forms [8481] ?

Click on the state you need for access to that state's revenue department for access to tax forms

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