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Access to the home pages of the academic departments of universities with educational programs in risk management, occupational safety and health, etc. Obtain information on courses and research projects.

Ergonomics » Research Centers

Ergonomics research facilities - universities, research centers, etc.

CA-University of California San Francisco and Berkeley [127] ?

UCSF/UCB ergonomics program offers education, research and consulting services

Federal Aviation Administration Human Factors Branch [119] ?

FAA's branch that conducts research and implements human factors standards

MS-Mississippi State University Industrial Engineering [481] ?

Mississippi State University's Ergonomics / Human Factors Engineering Laboratory

Updated NASA Human Systems Integration Division [84] ?

NASA 's framework for human factors in aviation

NC-North Carolina Ergonomics Center [152] ?

Ergonomics services

NY-Cornell University [942] ?

Description of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory and research projects

OH-Ohio State University Institute for Ergonomics [85] ?

Focuses on education and research as well as consulting

TX-Texas Tech University Dept of Industrial Engineering [14878] ?

Maintains an ergonomics laboratory

Risk Mgt » Universities

Graduate and undergraduate programs in insurance and risk management

FL-Florida State Univ: Risk Management & Insurance Program [4263] ?

Undergraduate and graduate programs

GA-Georgia State - Department of Risk Management & Insurance [652] ?

Georgia State University's Department of Risk Management and Insurance

GA-University of Georgia - Risk Management & Insurance [694] ?

The University of Georgia's educational programs in risk management and insurance

IL-Illinois State Univ: Katie Insurance School [4849] ?

Offers an undergraduate major and minor in insurance and risk management

IN-Indiana State Univ: Insurance and Risk Management [5259] ?

Broad range of challenging course work in the professional area of insurance and risk management

LA-Louisiana State University Risk Management and Insurance Program [8847] ?

A collegiate program that includes graduate and undergraduate programs.

PA-Pennsylvania Wharton Insurance and Risk Management Program [658] ?

Collegiate educational program in insurance and risk management

PA-Pennsylvania: Temple Univ Risk Management and Insurance Program [5262] ?

Offer both undergraduate (BBA) and graduate (M.S., MBA, and Ph.D.) degrees in risk mgt & insurance

WI- Wisconsin University of Wisconsin Risk Management & Insurance [3078] ?

Collegiate educational program in insurance and risk management

Safety Mgt » Education

Seminars, correspondence courses and more related to workplace safety

Master of Science in Occupational Safety [2564] ?

East Carolina University School of Industry and Technology Occupational Safety Graduate Program

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