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Access to databases of ergonomics reference materials such as anthropometric data, designs, case studies.

Ergonomics » Anthropometry

Anthropometrics and design considerations in ergonomics

AnthroKids - Anthropometric Data of Children [2055] ?

Public domain database of child anthropmetric data from Consumer Product Safety Commission

Ergonomics » Case Studies

Real-life ergonomics studies conducted by universities, consulting firms, etc

Best Practices for Hospital Ergonomics [pdf] [6310] ?

A slide presentation

Class Projects [96] ?

Ergonomics workstation evaluation reports - supermarket checkout station, library workstations, etc

Comparative Studies of Office Lighting [941] ?

Cornell University comparative studies of direct and indirect office lighting

Computer Users & Electric Height Adjustable Worksurfaces [6309] ?

Effects of an Electric Height-Adjustable Worksurface on Self-Assessed Musculoskeletal Discomfort and Productivity

Control of Ergonomic Hazards from Squeegee Handles in Screen-Printing Industry [608] ?

Hazard control guidelines from NIOSH on squeegee hazards in the screenprinting industry

Ergonomic Intervention for the Soft Drink Beverage Delivery Industry [6221] ?

1996 NIOSH publication on ergonomics in soft drink beverage delivery industry

Ergonomic Redesign For Checkout Stations [2810] ?

Results of an ergonomics study of a supermarket checkout station

Ergonomic Risk Factors in Commercial Drycleaners [pdf] [6236] ?

The hazards and controls

Ergonomics Case Studies [pdf] [1574] ?

Brief examples of ergonomics savings

Ergonomics Research Studies [78] ?

Variety of ergonomics research studies conducted at Cornell University

ErgoWeb Case Studies [960] ?

Real life ergonomics case studies

Hazards & Disorders of Poultry Processing [8474] ?

Hazards typically encountered in the poultry industry

NIOSH Ergonomics Health Hazard Evaluations [962] ?

Case studies of a shoe company, a grocery warehouse, a cabinet company, etc.

Occupations and Workplaces [8378] ?

Reducing the risk factors for RMIs by industry group

Tactical Displays for Soldiers: Human Factors Considerations [3901] ?

Helmet-mounted display technology human factors considerations

WMSD Toolbox [pdf] [9445] ?

For investigations of WMSDs in work settings

Ergonomics » Checklists

Checklists designed to evaluate proper ergonomic workstation arrangements

Computer Workstation Checklist [pdf] [18375] ?

Created as a fact sheet

Ergonomics » Lifting

Guidance on how to control manual handling hazards in the workplace

Liberty Mutual Manual Materials Handling Tables [23992] ?

The weight limit tables in the past referred to as the Snook Tables

Ergonomics » Programs

Resources and references on ergonomics programs

Ergonomics Program Guide [pdf] [7939] ?

Basic information on how to set up an ergonomics program

Ergonomics » References

Full text of a design guide, an ergonomics manual, lecture notes and more

Poor Ergonomics Design Scrapbook [98] ?

Scrapbook of photos illustrating poor ergonomic design

Snook Tables [26133] ?

Liberty Mutual Tables for Lifting, Carrying, Pushing and Pulling

Ergonomics » Vibration

Technical resources on occupational vibration exposures

Hand-Arm Vibration Database [24734] ?

Vibration data for about thousands of hand-held power tools

Whole-Body Vibration Database [24733] ?

Contains vibration levels measured during working conditions in vehicles and heavy equipment

Safety » Aviation

Safety materials related to aviation

Human Factors in Air Traffic Control [3900] ?

Capabilities and limitations of humans relative to the functions performed in air traffic control

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