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    » Lessons Learned

Access to the full text of accident investigations with lessons learned, such as: Lessons learned from fire losses. Analysis of industrial accidents. Chemical accident histories and investigations.

Chemicals » Safety Guides

Chemical safety guidelines, NIOSH Pocket Guide, workplace guides

Western Australia: Hazardous Substances [13434] ?

Essential information about hazardous substances in the workplace

Fleet » Accidents

Accident investigation & reconstruction, preventability, trailer underride, etc.

NTSB Highway Accident Reports [3151] ?

National Transportation Safety Board highway accident reports

Fleet » Statistics

Statistics on highway safety, fatalities, blood alcohol levels, DUI costs, etc.

Updated Motor Carrier Safety [14800] ?

Analysis and research on company motor carrier and bus safety

Property » Lessons Learned

Lessons learned from property losses - fires, etc.

Cramer Fire, Idaho 2003 [19416] ?

Lessons learned from this wildland fire that resulted in a firefighter fatality

Fire Investigation Articles [27754] ?

Case studies that are instructive as to what can be expected when analyzing fire losses

Industrial Fires [24716] ?

Lessons learned from industrial fires

Risk Mgt » Construction

Risk management and insurance related issues in the construction industry

Excavation Accident Bulletin [16773] ?

Descriptions of recent accidents related to underground excavations

Safety » Agriculture

Large number of agriculture safety bulletins, including dust hazards and control

Fatalities: Suffocations in Grain Bins [19945] ?

Measures to prevent suffocations associated with grain bin

Safety » Amusement Industry

Safety resources for the amusement industry - carnivals, etc.

Theme Park Insider Accident Watch [20523] ?

Amusement ride accident reports at major US theme parks

Safety » Aviation

Safety materials related to aviation

Updated Lessons Learned: ASRS Safety Publications [5523] ?

Summaries of ASRS research studies and related aviation safety information

Safety » Boating-Marine

Resources on boating and marine safety

Boating Accident Report [10053] ?

US Coast Guard data on boating accidents

MARS - Marine Accident Reporting Scheme [20746] ?

Lessons learned accidents and near-misses in the marine industry

NTSB Marine Accident Reports [7968] ?

National Transportation Safety Board marine accident reports

Safety » Electrical

Lock Out/Tag Out Programs and technical reference materials on electrical safety

Western Australia: Electrical Safety [13432] ?

Solutions to electrical safety hazards in the workplace

Safety » Equipment

Safety materials on industrial robots, woodworking machinery, machine shops, etc

Western Australia: Plant and Machinery [13435] ?

Essential information on hazards arising from the operation or use of plant and machinery

Safety » Fall Protection

Falls from elevations and fall protection safety resources

Western Australia: Slips & Falls [13433] ?

Essential information on workplace hazards related to falls from heights

Safety » Forklifts

Forklift safety program materials

Preventing Injuries and Deaths of Workers Who Operate or Work Near Forklifts [17492] ?

Lessons learned - case studies about accidents related to forklifts

Safety » Medical Devices

FDA regulatory guidance for manufacturers of medical devices

Medical Device Safety Reports [14751] ?

A repository of medical device incident and hazard information

Safety » Patient Safety

Medical errors, medication errors, patient safety guidance

JCAHO Sentinel Event Alerts and Solutions [7154] ?

Reference materials related to medical and medication errors

Patient Safety Topics [15025] ?

Reference documents and tools to help health care providers with patient safety

Safety » Swimming

Pool and spa safety - drowning prevention

Aquatics Safety [15197] ?

Articles related to water lifesaving and rescue operations & aquatic facility safety

Pool & Spa Entrapment [pdf] [14477] ?

Guidelines in order to prevent accidental entrapment

Safety » Work Zones

Best practices for minimizing delay & enhancing safety in highway construction

Accommodating Pedestrians in Work Zones [pdf] [12264] ?

Tips to prevent pedestrian accidents in work zones

Safety Mgt » Alerts

Safety and health hazard alerts

Canada Petroleum Industry Safety Alerts [18398] ?

A series of safety alerts from petroleum industry in Canada

FDA Medical Device Safety Alerts and Notices [14752] ?

FDA issues alerts and warnings to explain why problems may be occuring and clarify proper procedures to ensure safety

Nova Scotia, Canada: Safety Hazard Alerts [16555] ?

Hazard alerts from the Occupational Health & Safety Division of Nova Scotia

Safety Mgt » Databases

Internet databases of workplace safety and health documents, statistics, etc.

Construction Occupational Safety & Health [15660] ?

Training materials, checklists, lessons learned and much more on construction safety

Safety Mgt » Lessons Learned

Analyses of lessons learned from prior workplace accidents

Agricultural Safety Accidents [35912] ?

A list of lessons learned

AK-Alaska Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Program (FACE) [19943] ?

Detailed information on selected incidents & prevention recommendations

CA-California FACE Program [5300] ?

Lists California workplace fatality investigation reports by year

Chemical Incident Investigations [16433] ?

Results of USA Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board investigations

Confined Space Incidents [7827] ?

Preventing Occupational Fatalities in Confined Spaces

Construction - Lessons Learned from Fatality Inspections [27546] ?

A former OSHA investigator pinpoints easily overlooked steps that could have deadly consequences

Crane Accidents Library [24566] ?

Lessons learned

Crane Operators and Electrocutions [18580] ?

Descriptions of actual crane accidents related to electrocutions and how to prevent them

DOE Lessons Learned [10523] ?

Links to US Department of Energy lessons learned

FACE Web [23917] ?

The NIOSH Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

Fatalities: Agricultural & Workplace Fatalities in Kentucky [6204] ?

Fatality investigation reports for the state of Kentucky

HESIS Technical Documents [6207] ?

Worker health effects associated with chemical releases

KY-Kentucky Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Project (FACE) [19944] ?

A statewide occupational fatality surveillance project that investigates specific cases

Lessons Learned - Engineering Loss Analysis [27755] ?

Failure analysis, fire causation, automotive accident reconstruction and more

Logging Industry Lessons Learned [18930] ?

Fatality lessons learned

MAUDE: Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience Database [14755] ?

Reports of adverse events involving medical devices

NJ-New Jersey: Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) [6201] ?

Lessons learned from workplace fatalities in the state of New Jersey

NTSB Accident Reports [2105] ?

Accident reports and studies from the National Transportation Safety Board

NURSE Reports [8141] ?

Agriculture injury incidents provides summary of each plus prevention recommendations

Updated OK-Oklahoma Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Program (FACE) [19951] ?

In-depth studies of fatal injuries in Oklahoma

OSHA Fatality and Catastrophe Investigation Summaries [39290] ?

Accident Investigation Summaries conducted by OSHA

OSHA Safety and Health Information Bulletins [3551] ?

OSHA uses to inform internal staff and the public of significant occupational safety and health issues

State FACE Reports [19954] ?

Database of Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Program (FACE) reports

WA-Washington: Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program [6195] ?

Lessons learned fact sheets on workplace fatalities in the state of Washington

Worker Deaths by Electrocution [6213] ?

Summary of NIOSH surveillance and investigative findings

Workplace Fatalities [6199] ?

Lessons learned from workplace fatalities in the state of Washington

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