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Guidelines for prevention of workplace violence, risk factors and strategies to manage violence in the workplace. Workplace homicides. Violence in convenience store robberies. Healthcare industry violence. How domestic violence affects the workplace.

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Updated A Guide to School Vulnerability Assessments [30145] ?

A guide for safe schools

ANA Position Statement on Incivility, Bullying, and Workplace Violence [40883] ?

Detailed guidance for nurses and employers to follow to prevent and reduce workplace violence, bullying and incivility

Avoid Homicide in the Workplace [23860] ?

Advice for protecting your employees

CAL-OSHA Guidelines for Workplace Security [1851] ?

What can be done to prevent workplace violence

Canada: Workplace Violence Awareness [17022] ?

The basics of preventing violence in the workplace

CDC Violence Protection [10567] ?

Prevention of youth violence, suicide, school violence, etc

Center for the Study & Prevention of Violence [1415] ?

Research center dedicated to research to prevent violence

Challenges of Preventing Workplace Violence [27018] ?

Workplace Violence Prevention Teams are confronted with a variety of incidents

Combating Workplace Violence [pdf] [19152] ?

Guidelines for Employers and Law Enforcement

Dangerous Occupations [27970] ?

The rate of violence by occupation per 1,000 workers during the five-year period studied

Domestic Violence [5223] ?

Advice and guidance on how to prevent domestic violence

Domestic Violence in the Workplace [30127] ?

Steps in managing domestic violence incidents to a successful and nonlethal conclusion

Employee Conduct Sample Policy [26604] ?

Example regarding minimum standards of conduct among employees

Updated Five Mistakes and Omissions That Increase Your Risk of Workplace Violence [pdf] [32636] ?

Some actions that may be taken to prevent violence in the workplace

Gang-Related Legislation by State [19583] ?

Highlights of gang-related legislation in the USA by state and by subject

Guidelines for Security and Safety of Community Health & Healthcare Workers [5075] ?

Full text of guidelines to prevent workplace violence injuries to healthcare workers from Cal-OSHA

Guidelines for Workplace Security [1572] ?

Guidelines to control workplace violence including investigation guidelines

Handbook on Workplace Violence Prevention and Response [pdf] [21808] ?

Handbook used for USDA facilities

How to Prepare for Workplace Violence [28741] ?

Here are some guidelines

Interviewing and Workplace Violence [26605] ?

Asking The Right Questions During the Interview Process

Job Violence Guide [21531] ?

Dealing with violence in the workplace - a guide for planners

NY-New York State Public Employer Workplace Violence Prevention Law [26897] ?

Information to assist the state's public employers in meeting the requirements of the Law

NY-New York Workplace Violence Law [29125] ?

Information to assist public employers in meeting the requirements of the Law

Occupational Violence [12969] ?

Risk factors and prevention strategies related to workplace violence

On the Job Training Prevents Workplace Violence [18383] ?

The best weapons for business are awareness and prevention

Updated Preventing Delivery Person Robbery [32643] ?

How to reduce the vulnerability of delivery persons to robbery

Preventing Homicide in the Workplace [13839] ?

Workers in certain industries and occupations are at increased risk of homicide

Updated Preventing Robberies When Transporting Money [32645] ?

/A_Comprehensive discussion on Cash-in-Transit Robbery

Updated Preventing Taxi Driver Robbery [pdf] [32644] ?

What taxi drivers can do to help prevent robberies

Preventing Violence in the Workplace [23433] ?

How to prevent violence in the workplace

Preventing Workplace Violence [2887] ?

Identify and control the conditions that increase the chances of violence

Preventing Workplace Violence in Health Care Facilities [pdf] [25932] ?

Covers the risk factors for violence in health care facilities

Updated Prevention Strategies for Workforce Violence [28885] ?

Supervisor role, applicant screening, etc

Psychosocial Issues: Violence in the Workplace [16401] ?

Understanding and managing violence in the workplace

Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies for Workplace Violence [519] ?

Strategies to prevent occupational violence

Safety Measures for Taxi and Delivery Drivers [pdf] [25917] ?

Identifies risk factors and potential safety measures to protect the security of taxi and delivery drivers

School Violence Commentary [27351] ?

Summarizes school violence in the last decade - April, 2005 article

State Anti-Hazing Laws [39215] ?

Text of state anti-hazing laws

Updated Stop Bullying [10548] ?

Best practices in bullying prevention

Stop Hazing [39214] ?

Covers fraternity, sorority, athletic, high school and military hazing

Techniques to Defuse Violent Situations [26186] ?

Employees can use these skills when dealing with individuals in person or on the telephone

VINCENT [11916] ?

Violence and INjury Control through Network and Training

Violence at Work in Hotels, Catering and Tourism [pdf] [29126] ?

A study of the general hazards and risk factors

Violence in my Camp? [14982] ?

Steps to take to prevent violence in camps

Violence Occupational Hazards in Hospitals [23021] ?

Prevention strategies for employers and safety tips for hospital workers

Violence Policy Center [15193] ?

Works to reduce gun death & injury in America by viewing firearms violence as a public health issue

Violence Prevention in Schools [14489] ?

Facts, prevention resources

Updated Violence Prevention Program Training [3207] ?

Online tutorial on violence prevention program development

Western Australia: Workplace Violence Management [10295] ?

Code of practice requirements

Work-Related Violence Prevention Survey [3246] ?

2005 survey of workplace violence prevention

Workplace Bullying More Harmful than Sexual Harassment [33422] ?

Results of a study that reviewed 110 studies conducted over 21 years

Workplace Bullying Studies [8029] ?

Reports of research studies related to bullying in the American workplace

Workplace Homicides and Assaults [40781] ?

The BLS calculates homicide rates for specific occupations

Workplace Violence - NIOSH Bulletin 57 [1043] ?

Risk factors and prevention strategies for violence in the workplace

Workplace Violence and Employer Liability [pdf] [94] ?

The most common ways employees and others have brought suits against their employers after being victimized at work

Workplace Violence Guidance [26187] ?

Things to consider

Workplace Violence Guidelines [23469] ?

Policies and procedures in use at a major Florida university

Workplace Violence in the 21st Century [28693] ?

It is anticipated that the problem and its solutions will continue to evolve

Workplace Violence Manual [24093] ?

Addresses workplace violence prevention, intervention, and recovery initiatives

Workplace Violence Prevention [23536] ?

A Comprehensive Guide for Employers and Employees

Workplace Violence Prevention Guide [pdf] [15577] ?

Guidance for supervisors and management

Workplace Violence Prevention Readiness and Response [26603] ?

Patterns of behavior, observable warning signs, etc.

Updated Workplace Violence Program [8051] ?

In use by the US Dept of Labor

Updated Workplace Violence Risk Factors [32637] ?

Risk factors that increase workplace violence

Workplace Violence: Are You at Risk? [pdf] [25021] ?

A number of factors may contribute to a worker's risk for exposure to workplace violence

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