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Theft data on hundreds of passenger vehicles by make and model. Fact sheets and tips on how to prevent vehicle theft.

20 Resources
Anti-theft Safety Tips [15449] ?

Consumer tips, information on visible or audible deterrents, vehicle immobilizers & tracking systems

Anti-Theft Systems [24856] ?

An overview of vehicle theft-deterrent devices

Auto Theft Facts [14410] ?

Fact sheet provides auto theft statistics in the USA

Car Theft Prevention Advice [27968] ?

Auto theft facts, how to prevent carjacking

Carjacking Prevention [12655] ?

Techniques to reduce the chances of becoming a carjacking victim

Carjacking Prevention [14565] ?

Tips of how to prevent being carjacked

Hot Wheels [24857] ?

Information on what thieves are stealing and where certain vehicles stand a greater risk

MI-Michigan: Top Stolen Vehicles [15450] ?

Lists those autos most likely to be stolen in the state of Michigan

Parking Lot Security Tips [26191] ?

What determines the relative safety of a parking are governed by three factors

Prevent Car Theft [24063] ?

Tips for consumers

Research Vehicle History [40040] ?

Consumers can use NMVTIS to access important vehicle history information - a tool to prevent title fraud

Research Vehicle History - VINCheck [40041] ?

A service provided to the public to assist in determining if a vehicle has been reported as stolen or as salvage

Tips To Avoid Car Theft [9995] ?

Advice on how to prevent your vehicle from being stolen

Tips to Prevent Car Theft [1282] ?

Guidelines on how to prevent auto theft and minimize the chance of cars being stolen

Tips to Protect Vehicle Theft [15902] ?

Advice on vehicle theft prevention

TX-Texas Automobile Prevention Authority [9191] ?

Auto theft prevention tips from the Texas Automobile Theft Prevention Authority

Vehicle Theft Information [977] ?

Prevention tips and more

Vehicle Theft Prevention Tips [18866] ?

The more layers of protection on your vehicle, the more difficult it is to steal

Vehicle Theft Statistics [18867] ?

Vehicle theft and fraud prevention tips for consumers

Vehicles at Risk for Theft in Port and Border Communities [14530] ?

National Insurance Crime Bureau analysis

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