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15 Resources
Building and Site Security Requirements [pdf] [27998] ?

Standards for facility accessibility and more

Updated Building Security Checklist [25290] ?

Provides considerations for assessing your building security

Church Security [18322] ?

There are several things you can do to keep your ministry's property secure

Updated Classified Matter Protection and Control Manual [34301] ?

Guidelines are provided for prioritizing and selecting activities, then analyzing and interpreting the results

Gated Communities Access Control Issues [27967] ?

Video surveillance systems work well in support of access control gates

Guidelines for Hiring a Security Consultant [19373] ?

What to consider when trying to determine the need for security services

How Burglar Alarms Work [16801] ?

Brief summary of alarm systems, etc.

Industrial Chemicals: Site Security [18566] ?

Advice regarding security for facilities that handle hazardous chemicals

NFPA 730 Guide for Premises Security [35252] ?

Text of the code

Physical Security Manual [pdf] [25277] ?

Lighting, fencing, access control, security systems and much more

RBPS for CFATS - Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards [pdf] [22545] ?

This Guidance document was developed to assist covered facilities in complying with the RBPSs established in CFATS

Security for Residents of Apartment Buildings [pdf] [18414] ?

Tips for apartment dwellers

Security Systems Offer Added Protection [18321] ?

How a System Reduces Your Risk

Site Security Assessment Guide [40944] ?

The first step in creating a site security plan

Site Security Guidelines for the U.S. Chemical Industry [pdf] [24992] ?

How to get started with a security plan, and another offers sample plans on various policies and procedures

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