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Articles, program assistance & research about school violence. Prevention case studies, legal notes and guidance on harassment and bullying in schools. Guides for schools to prevent violence - checklists, sample policies. Background information, warning signs, approaches to prevention of youth violence.

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A Guide to Safe Schools [17788] ?

Research-based practices designed to assist schools develop prevention, intervention and crisis response plans

A Guide to Safe Schools [10344] ?

Early warning guide for school safety

Balancing Student Privacy and School Safety [23393] ?

A Guide to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Blueprints for Violence Prevention [19163] ?

Ten model violence prevention programs

Bullies, Victims at Risk for Violence and Other Problem Behaviors [26320] ?

Study reveals that bullying is related to other forms of violence-related behavior

CA-California Safe Schools [19164] ?

Guidance from the California Dept of Education

Checklist of Characteristics of Youth Who Have School-Associated Violent Deaths [19585] ?

Checklist is based on the NSSC School Associated Violent Deaths Report

Creating Safe Schools for Lesbian and Gay Students [26774] ?

A resource guide for school staff

Early Warning, Timely Response [11377] ?

A guide for safe schools

Fundamentals of School Security [19610] ?

Overview on school security basics

Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network [26773] ?

Resource to help make the schools safer for gay and lesbian students

IL-Illinois School Safety Audit/Assessment Planning Guide [pdf] [19162] ?

A Resource Manual for Self-Assessment, Planning, and Training to Improve School Safety

Intervention & Referral Services Manual [24332] ?

Sample manual and forms for establishing violence prevention programs in schools using a collaborative team approach

KY-Kentucky Center for School Safety [19166] ?

Guidance from the Kentucky Dept of Education

National School Safety Center [19584] ?

Technical assistance to school districts and communities facing significant safe school crises

NC Center for Safer Schools [11371] ?

From the state of North Carolina

NJ-New Jersey School Search Policy Manual [24330] ?

14 chapter manual describes NJ state law relating to police searches of schools

OR-Oregon School Violence Prevention [23501] ?

To assist schools in complying with state laws related to school violence prevention

Preventing Youth Hate Crime [19161] ?

A Manual for Schools and Communities

Primer to Design Safe School Projects in Case of Terrorist Attacks [pdf] [25816] ?

Guidance to protect schools from terrorist attacks

Safe & Drug Free Schools Program [10339] ?

US Dept of Education Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative

Safe Schools Healthy Students [17779] ?

Research-based practices designed to assist schools

Safeguarding Our Children: An Action Guide [17784] ?

Implementing Early Warning, Timely Response

Sample Model Policy Prohibiting Bullying in Schools [24331] ?

Model policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation, bullying on school property, at school events & on school buses

School Anti-Harassment Policy Guide [27331] ?

Includes sample school policies, protocols and checklists to protect students from harassment and hate crime

School Safety - Justice [21567] ?

Resources relating to the fundamental qualities of a safe and responsible school

School Safety Assessment [17778] ?

Audit and guide on assessment of school security

School Safety Assessment Components [pdf] [23018] ?

Points of interest to consider when planning school security

School Security Safety Assessment Form [pdf] [22623] ?

Example of an assessment form to ensure a safer school environment

School Violence Prevention & Intervention [17781] ?

Series of documents to assist in understanding the issues related to school violence

Security on Campus [10337] ?

Complying With The Clery Act and more

Student Field Trip Management [19587] ?

Field trip guidelines

Terrorism & Schools Safety [24334] ?

School security and crisis planning strategies for preventing and responding to terrorism

The Challenge: Creating Safe and Drug-Gree Schools [11376] ?

A guide for schools to prevent violence & drug use

Updated The School Shooter: A Threat Assessment Perspective [24333] ?

FBI Threat Assessment Report

Tips for Helping Children Deal with Bullies [25813] ?

Tips on bullying and cyber-bulling

Understanding Youth Violence [17782] ?

Preventing youth violence, bullying

Updated Youth Violence: A Report of the Surgeon General [17783] ?

Major research findings and conclusions 2001

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