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Guidelines on how to prevent becoming a victim of crime at home, office, shopping, travel, etc. Self-assessment tests estimate your risk of being a crime victim. Protective devices, pepper spray, etc.

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Caring for Important Papers [pdf] [14844] ?

Valuable papers and records should be given maximum protection from any disaster

Choosing the Best Door Lock [29074] ?

Door Lock Features to Look For

Don't Overlook the Small Details in Keeping Your Family Safe [23695] ?

Do You Give Strangers Unlimited Access to Your Home?

Door Hinges on Exterior Swinging Doors [22216] ?

A more secure hinge is a good idea

Executive Risk Assessment Questionnaire [27343] ?

Calculating risk is not a precise science

Home Security [22218] ?

How to protect yourself against home burglary

Home Security Alarm Systems [22214] ?

The basic elements of a standard home security system

Updated Home Security Checklist [32722] ?

Use this as a guide as you check your home for safety measures

Home Security Tips to Deter Burglars [15498] ?

General security measures

Home Theft [23819] ?

How to protect your home from theft

How to Make Your Home More Secure [162] ?

Look at ways to make your home more secure

Pepper Spray - Effectiveness and Safety [pdf] [5402] ?

Results of US Dept of Justice evaluation

Updated Personal Safety Advice Sheets [16094] ?

Tips for your personal safety

Updated Personal Safety Tips [15528] ?

Police tips on personal safety

Personal Security [13861] ?

Article related to personal security, home security, etc

Updated Picking the Right Door Lock [22217] ?

Important Features in Door Locks

Protecting Yourself From Crime [2550] ?

Guidelines on how to prevent becoming a victim of crime at home, office, shopping, travel, etc.

Protective Devices [12808] ?

Sprays? Shockers? Alarms? Which protective device is right for you?

Rate Your Risk [12809] ?

Self-assessment tests estimate your risk of being a crime victim

Security Alarm Systems For The Home [3458] ?

How to select a security company and choose an alarm system

Victim Assistance [2534] ?

Advice for crime victims

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Health and medical resources and libraries for the general public

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Insurance bulletins & alerts designed for consumers

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Articles, statistics, programs related to crime and its prevention

Security / Identity Theft
Fact sheets, guides, etc on identify theft

Security / Travel Safety
Travel warnings, public announcements, global news affecting overseas travel

Security / Vehicle Theft
Theft losses by make and model. Tips to prevent auto theft

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