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Field manuals on how to conduct law enforcement investigations, creation of law enforcement policies and procedures, terrorism counteraction, bomb threat procedures, how to handle civilian disturbances, correctional facilities operations, physical security and more.

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Cyber Security Planning Guide [pdf] [34303] ?

Guidance on privacy and data security

DOE Cybersecurity Roadmap [pdf] [34299] ?

Roadmap to achieve energy delivery systems cybersecurity

Example Security Plan [pdf] [40692] ?

A sample plan

Hospital Security Readiness Assessment Guide [32648] ?

This guide is designed to help organize the initial assessment of a hospital upon return after an evacuation/closure due

Law and Order Operations [14079] ?

Full text of a field manual on law enforcement operations

Low Intensity Conflict & Military Operations [14084] ?

These are military operations which support political, economic and informational actions

Physical Security [14074] ?

Full text of a field manual for lighting, lock & key, alarm systems, security forces and much more

Physical Security Systems Inspectors Guide [34298] ?

For personnel who conduct surveys or self-assessments of the physical security systems

Police & Law Enforcement Services Policy & Procedure Manuals [20862] ?

These samples are for the principal use of cities, towns and counties

Security Alarms System Policy [pdf] [19912] ?

Full text of a policy relating to security alarm systems

US Army Security Manager's Handbook [pdf] [34302] ?

For the US Army Recruiting Command

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