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Information about forensic science. Basic information on the structure and function of DNA as it relates to DNA fingerprinting. Validity and reliability of polygraphs. Forensic firearms identification. Concepts of forensic entomology.

11 Resources
American Polygraph Association: Polygraph Issues [12825] ?

Cover polygraph issues and the validity and reliability of polygraphs

Art Forgery [12819] ?

A basic overview

Crime & Clues: The Art and Science of Criminal Investigation [14577] ?

Devoted to crime scene investigation, physical evidence, and demonstrative evidence

Crime Photo Guidelines [15815] ?

Guidelines for Field Applications of Imaging Technologies in the Criminal Justice System

Crime Scene Investigation [14571] ?

Resources for crime scene investigators

DNA Profiling - How it Works [22921] ?

The basics

Firearms ID [12824] ?

An introduction to forensic firearms identification

Firearms Tutorial [15810] ?

Investigative techniques employed by the forensic pathologist in assessing firearms injuries

Forensic Analysis: Weighing Bullet Lead Evidence [28481] ?

Assesses the scientific validity of CABL used when no gun is recovered or when bullets are too small or mangled

Forensic Pathology Images [15811] ?

Image library related to forensic pathology

Handbook of Forensic Services [14534] ?

Guidance and procedures for safe and efficient methods of collecting and preserving evidence

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