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Guidance on reducing equipment theft at job sites

17 Resources
Combating Rental Equipment Theft [27014] ?

Rental equipment is at a greater risk of theft

Equipment Theft - Commentary [28676] ?

Analysis of construction and farm equipment losses and recoveries

Equipment Theft Alerts [26581] ?

Nationwide theft advisories

Equipment Theft Prevention Framework [26582] ?

Describes a framework for applying techniques and resources within an overall strategy

Equipment Theft Prevention Tips [28678] ?

How to combat construction equipment theft

Equipment Theft-Related Criminal Activities [30097] ?

Equipment vandalism, sabotage, unauthorized use, joyriding, and the theft of materials, such as scrap metal

Heavy Equipment Theft and Solutions [21958] ?

Measures that can be taken to protect equipment

Heavy Equipment Theft Map [28677] ?

Nationwide thefts covering construction and farm equipment losses and recoveries

Job Site Security and the Contractor [pdf] [36012] ?

Theft, vandalism, injuries and accidents how to minimize risk

Job Site Theft Prevention [pdf] [36013] ?

Ideas to help reduce risk of theft on job sites

Jobsite Security on Commercial Construction Projects [pdf] [36991] ?

Contractors adopt multiple strategies to control jobsite equipment theft and improve recovery rates

Jobsite Theft Rampant in Home Building [36993] ?

Builders struggle to secure their jobsites against growing losses

Lessons from Equipment Thefts [25670] ?

Results of a report on the problem of equipment theft in the United States

Loss Prevention and Security Techniques for Equipment Owners [pdf] [25704] ?

Equipment theft prevention suggestions (pdf format)

Make Your Jobsites More Secure [36996] ?

Suggestions on how to reduce jobsite theft

Pre-Job Checklist for Job-Site Security [36997] ?

A tool to be used prior to the start of construction

What Jobsite Thieves Are After [36995] ?

What gets stolen on the jobsite

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