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Guidelines, audits on preventing employee theft and creating internal controls to reduce the risk of fraud. Resources outling the steps toward fraud detection and prevention. Description of fidelity insurance & discussion of bonds coverage issues.

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Do's and Don'ts of Employee Theft Prevention [28725] ?

Here are some tips to help limit your losses

Employee Dishonesty [11499] ?

Having controls in place can help minimize employee crime

Employee Dishonesty Insurance - The Nuances [4071] ?

Understanding what employee dishonesty insurance covers

Employee Dishonesty Insurance Coverage Issues [36839] ?

Client and organization that services client’s premises must understand the nuances of “employee dishonesty” coverage

Employee Dishonesty Insurance Endorsements for Nonemployees [36847] ?

Endorsements are available to cover persons or entities that fall outside the definition of “employee”

Updated Employee Dishonesty Manual [pdf] [15786] ?

A guide to handle acts of dishonesty

Employee Theft Prevention [29905] ?

How to prevent employee theft

Fidelity Insurance - Coverage Concerns [36841] ?

Money and accounting manipulation is a major component of a growing employee dishonesty problem

Financial Controls Checklist [pdf] [18327] ?

Advice for churches and non-profits

Guide to Preventing Workplace Fraud [pdf] [35707] ?

Controlling white collar crime

Internal Controls [27938] ?

Example of policies in place to help detect and prevent internal fraud

Internal Controls and Leaking Profits [26584] ?

Revenue assurance

Internal Employee Theft [18309] ?

Why internal theft may be a risk for your business and recommendations to control the risk

Operational Internal Controls [27863] ?

Separation of duties is one of the key elements of a strong system of internal controls

Preventing Employee Fraud [13141] ?

Use these tips to help protect your business from unethical staff members

Preventing Employee Theft [32641] ?

Information on preventing employee theft using situational crime prevention

Preventing Employee Theft [40361] ?

Points of sale, refunds, sales floor, warehouses

Protect Your Finance with Internal Cash Controls [18306] ?

How can you ensure your money is safeguarded?

Protection Against Employees Who Steal [40783] ?

Employee theft (also called employee dishonesty) coverage may be written alone or together with other crime coverages

Tips For Stopping Employee Theft [22348] ?

Early Warning Signals of Internal Dishonesty

White Collar Crime [21833] ?

A series of articles for the judiciary

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