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Crime prevention and security-related articles. Emerging trends, legislation, key court decisions, etc. related to victims of crime. Information on federal and state legislation.

2 Resources
Crime Victim Federal Legislative Agenda [2540] ?

Information on congressional proposals that affect the interests of crime victims

Stalking Resource Center [2536] ?

Provides resources related to legislation, case law digest, statistics and more

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Disasters / Counter-Terrorism
Anti-terrorist activities

Regulations / Crime
Full text of US federal laws on espionage, terrorism, law enforcement, etc.

Security / Arson
Arson prevention, statistics, training programs, investigations, etc.

Security / Forensics
Forensic science, polygraphs, fingerprinting, firearms identification

Security / Manuals
Full text of reference manuals for security program operations

Security / Personal Protection
Protect yourself from crime

Statistics / Crime
Government and industry sources of statistical data on crime

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