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Advice on cargo theft prevention

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American Chemistry Council Responsible Care Security Code [23345] ?

Designed to enhance security, including security against terrorist attack, throughout the chemical industry value chain

Cargo Crime: Holiday Weekend Security Protocols [29231] ?

Loss prevention planning

Cargo Security: High Tech Protection [pdf] [29232] ?

Keys to meeting the challenges of transportation security

Cargo Theft & US Senate [29233] ?

Documents on the US Senate website related to cargo theft

Cargo Theft Threat [29229] ?

An international threat

Container Security Initiative [8975] ?

To prevent global containerized cargo from being exploited by terrorists

Driver's Handbook on Cargo Securement [23343] ?

US federal requirements

Updated FBI Combating Cargo Theft [29354] ?

Cargo theft is the FBI's number-one priority in Major Theft

Hazardous Materials Safety in Transportation [29236] ?

US federal requirements

Hazardous Materials Transportation Security [23344] ?

Resources assist in enhancing hazardous materials transportation safety and security

Homeland Security & the Trucking Industry [pdf] [29234] ?

2005 report on cargo security and management in the trucking industry

In-Transit Security [14077] ?

Guidance for Physical Security Cargo Planning

Mitigating Transit Theft [pdf] [35717] ?

Loss prevention suggestions

Updated Preventing Cargo Theft [29227] ?

Measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of cargo theft

Security Management Practices in Food Commodity Transportation [pdf] [29235] ?

2005 report on vulnerabilities and security management related to agricultural and food commodity transportation

Thwarting Cargo Theft - FDA [25122] ?

The FDA's efforts to thwart cargo theft

Transportation Security Guidelines for the US Chemical Industry [26523] ?

Addresses security guidelines as it relates to the transportation of hazardous materials

US Cargo Security Information for Land Carriers [28854] ?

This information is specific to trucks at US borders

US Cargo Security Information for Sea Carriers [14012] ?

Information specific to vessel operations

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Transit cargo risk management and audit techniques

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Theft losses by make and model. Tips to prevent auto theft

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