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Corporate security. Laptop computer theft. Eavesdropping devices in the workplace. How to protect your business from burglary. Workplace security issues. Armed hold-up prevention.

48 Resources
A Guide to Business Security [32720] ?

Security tips for general business

A Suggested Password Policy [27118] ?

An example of a policy for computer security password protection

Active Vehicle Barriers / Traffic Barriers [pdf] [20284] ?

Barrier design process, barrier selection issues, types & characteristics of various barriers (pdf)

ASIS International Commission Guidelines [19153] ?

A set of guidelines for meaningful security officer standards

Australia: Armed Holdup Prevention [10291] ?

A guide to assist cash handling staff

Bank Security Topics [19375] ?

Advice for bank security professionals

Building Vulnerability Assessment Checklist [27113] ?

Checklist of planning considerations for incorporating terrorist events into existing plans

Burglary Protection Checklist [pdf] [29006] ?

Bulletin provides advice on theft and burglary prevention, etc

Business Crime Advice [25279] ?

Covers topics such as building security, access control, closed circuit TV and more

Business Robbery Prevention [32635] ?

Robbery is when someone takes the property of another using actual or threatened force and/or violence

Business Security Advice [27966] ?

Advice for convenience stores, fast food stores, nightclubs, shopping centers, hotel/motels and more

Business Security Articles [27119] ?

You may not be quite as secure as you think you are - these articles may help

Control Self-Asssessment Questionnaire [26545] ?

Self assessment audit form for analyzing internal controls within budget units

Crime Foreseeability [27969] ?

Analysis of three crime foreseeability factors should generate an opinion that will assign the potential for crime

Crime Prevention for Small Business [pdf] [16800] ?

Covers topics such as employee dishonesty, embezzlement, shoplifting, bad checks and robbery

CSO - White Papers [28739] ?

Articles of interest to corporate Chief Security Officers and their staffs

Developing a Physical Security Program [27110] ?

A manual on planning considerations

Examples of Practical Crime Prevention in Businesses [32632] ?

Case studies of crime prevention principles used by businesses

Facility Security Profile [pdf] [40012] ?

Example of a facility form used to reflect normal security operations on a day-to-day basis

False Alarm Perspectives [19169] ?

Alarm Industry Steps Up to Reduce False Alarm Calls through Enhanced Call Verification

Updated Graffiti Prevention Tips [32631] ?

To step up graffiti prevention efforts, consider the following

How to Survive an Armed Robbery [26746] ?

What businesses can do to prevent burglaries

Investigator's Guide to Sources of Information [2197] ?

Investigative guide for identifying sources of information about people, property, business, finance

IT Security Policies You Need [27120] ?

An Introduction to Creating Effective IT Security Policies

Keeping Your Security Program Active [24776] ?

A well-rounded security program utilizes these basic aspects of security

Keeping Your Security Program Active [27112] ?

A well-rounded security program utilizes three basic aspects of security

Lighting to Reduce Crime [32630] ?

Lighting may be the single, most cost-effective way to deter crime

Mail Center Security [29153] ?

Guidelines for safe mail centers, opening irradiated mail, biological threats, etc.

Physical Security Assessment [pdf] [40013] ?

A presentation on a risk management methodology for physical security assessment

Physical Security Checklist [pdf] [27269] ?

For office buildings

Physical Security Checklist [pdf] [27109] ?

38 page building security checklist

Physical Security Program [11183] ?

Security recommendations and surveys for facilities

Prevent Office Theft [32721] ?

General business security tips

Preventing Burglary [32639] ?

Simple ways to reduce your risk

Preventing Retail Crime [32646] ?

Crime prevention advice for retail business

Preventing Vandalism [32638] ?

Also includes information on graffiti prevention

Reduce False Alarms [25998] ?

Steps to reduce false alarms - includes a prevention checklist

Security Assessment Report [33153] ?

A discussion of the tasks required to conduct a risk analysis and vulnerability assessment report

Shoplifting - Hot Products [32633] ?

Products that are generally concealable, removable, available, valuable, enjoyable and disposable are susceptible

Shoplifting Prevention [32634] ?

Actions to take to control retail shoplifting

Small Business Security Essentials [18313] ?

Facts and solutions for reducing loss and helping your business stay secure

Small Business Security Tips [26789] ?

Ideas for business crime prevention

Tips on Preparing the Workplace for a Security Crisis [27111] ?

Follow these business security guidelines

Visitors and Security [16803] ?

Example of visitor access procedures

Warehouses - Preventing Theft [27270] ?

The biggest threat to warehouses is collusion between two dishonest people

Water System Security [27122] ?

A series of guidance documents and training materials for American waterworks

What to Do If Terrorism Strikes Your Workplace [24782] ?

If a CBN attack occurs, several steps should be taken

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Claims Management / Insurance Fraud
Insurance fraud, lawyer fraud, red flags, etc.

Claims Management / WC Fraud
Information on Workers Compensation fraud

Disasters / Bomb Threats
Bomb threat and physical security planning

Disasters / Business Continuity
Business continuity planning, business recovery post-disaster

Disasters / Counter-Terrorism
Anti-terrorist activities

Disasters / Emergency Plans
Examples of emergency management and action plans

Financial Risk / Audit Guides
Full text of bank examiner and financial audit guides

Fleet / Substance Abuse
Guidance on DOT requirements for mandatory commercial driver drug testing

General Business / Internal Audit
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Organizations / Security
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Publications / Security
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Regulations / Crime
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Risk Mgt / Property
Property insurance and risk management

Security / Access Control
Tactics, techniques, procedures for creating a security access-control system

Security / Arson
Arson prevention, statistics, training programs, investigations, etc.

Security / Background Checks
Advice on checking references, SSN verification, fingerprinting, etc.

Security / Biometrics
Facial imaging, retinal scans, fingerprint scans, voice recognition, etc.

Security / Cargo Theft
Advice on cargo theft prevention

Security / Employee Theft
Employee dishonesty insurance and risk management

Security / Fraud
Consumer fraud guides, scam & fraud information, statistics, mail fraud & more

Security / Identity Theft
Fact sheets, guides, etc on identify theft

Security / Manuals
Full text of reference manuals for security program operations

Security / Personal Protection
Protect yourself from crime

Security / Travel Safety
Travel warnings, public announcements, global news affecting overseas travel

Security / Vehicle Theft
Theft losses by make and model. Tips to prevent auto theft

Security / Violence
Guidelines, statistics, resources for preventing violence in the workplace

Statistics / Crime
Government and industry sources of statistical data on crime

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