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Biometric identification refers to a technology that uses scanned graphical information from many sources for personal identification purposes. This would include: facial imaging, retinal scans, fingerprint scans, voice recognition, hand geometry identification, etc.

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Biometric Encryption - Vulnerabilities [20377] ?

Vulnerabilities in biometric encryption systems

Biometric ID Project Publications [19331] ?

Digital imaging fact sheets, legal precedents, privacy issues, etc.

Biometric Recognition: Security & Privacy Concerns [20381] ?

Issues that technologies like biometrics pose

Biometric Security - Authentication [11319] ?

Articles discuss biometrics as a layer of security protection

Updated Biometric Security is on the Rise [20385] ?

Many mobile users have become comfortable using tools such as fingerprint identification for access

Biometrics - USA Research [20378] ?

Biometrics-related activities of the Federal government

Facial Recognition Technology [16191] ?

Legal and policy concerns of biometric facial recogntion

Fingerprint Recognition [pdf] [8476] ?

Understanding fingerprint identification

How it Works: Biometric Security [4588] ?

Basic overview of the use of biometric security

Iris Recognition vs. Retina Scanning [8319] ?

What are the differences

Understanding Biometrics [8190] ?

An introduction to biometric technologies

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Security / Access Control
Tactics, techniques, procedures for creating a security access-control system

Security / Background Checks
Advice on checking references, SSN verification, fingerprinting, etc.

Security / Business Security
Crime-free workplace, corporate security, business protection from burglary

Security / Identity Theft
Fact sheets, guides, etc on identify theft

Security / Site Security
Facility physical and electronic controls - shrinkage in retail

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