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OSHA statistics including ergonomics. Consumer product safety statistics. US federal government statistics on mining safety. Accident statistics in the drilling industry. Occupational respiratory disease surveillance data.

48 Resources
Accident, Illness and Injury and Employment Self-Extracting Files [14254] ?

Raw data from the accident and injury MSHA Form 7000-2

Accidents or Unintentional Injury Statistics [12058] ?

Injury health statistics in the USA

Amusement Ride Injury Statistics [10414] ?

Amusement ride accident related data

Australia - National Data Set for Compensation Based Statistics [1102] ?

Australian government statistics on workplace safety and health

Australia Workers Compensation Statistics [18596] ?

Statistics compiled by the federal government

Canada: Occupational Safety and Health Statistics [5292] ?

Provides links to governmental workplace safety and health statistics in Canada

Canadian Work Injuries and Diseases [18395] ?

Injuries by industry and province

CDC Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System) [23785] ?

A comprehensive look at the injury problem in America

Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, New Jersey [11239] ?

Provides an overview of all work-related fatal injuries that occurred in New Jersey

Childhood Agricultural Surveillance [11657] ?

Injuries Among Youth on Farms in the United States

Counting Occupational Diseases: the Tip of an Iceberg [14102] ?

Explains the iceberg theory using BLS statistics

Death on the Job Report [11786] ?

An annual report from the AFL-CIO

Ergonomics Injury Analyses [26125] ?

BLS statistics related to ergonomic injuries

Fatal Occupational Injuries in the United States [11885] ?

1995-1999: A Chartbook

Fatalities: WISQARS [17986] ?

US leading causes of death and injury mortality reports

Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program [23918] ?

FACE program concentrates on investigations of fatal occupational injuries

Updated Floor Institute - Statistics on Injuries From Falls [20240] ?

Fact sheet related to injuries due to falls

Foodservice BLS Data [15843] ?

Injury-and-illness case rate for eating-and-drinking places

How to Calculate Accident Injury Rates [469] ?

Primer for trending occupational illness and injuries, occurrence reports, performance indicators

Injuries Among Children and Adolescents [6215] ?

How big is the problem of injuries for U.S. children and adolescents

Injuries/Illnesses Statistics for US Federal Agencies [11883] ?

OSHA worker injury and illness statistics by federal agency

Injury and Illness Incidence Rate Calculator and Comparison Tool [28157] ?

Compare your injury rates to other establishments, industries or national rates

Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index [17554] ?

Ranking of the leading causes of workplace accidents and their costs & guidelines to control costs

Updated MA-Massachusetts Injury Surveillance [14136] ?

State statistics

MN-Minnesota State Injury Data [25012] ?

Broken down by age

MSHA Data [12362] ?

Statistics from the Mining Safety & Health Administration

MSHA Data File Downloads [28951] ?

Data files on mining accidents, injuries, fatalities, employment, production, etc. collected by MSHA

MSHA Mining Safety Statistics [28950] ?

Data, graphs, tables, fact sheets, statistical publications

Nail Gun Injuries [30630] ?

An analysis of nail-gun injuries treated in emergency departments 2001-2005

Occupational Burns in the Kitchen [26676] ?

Analysis about the most common types of burns among restaurant workers

Occupational Injuries and Illnesses - Industry Data [28158] ?

Industry Injury and Illness Data in the USA

OSHA Data Initiative - ODI [40070] ?

For each data collection cycle, OSHA only collects data from a small portion of all private sector establishments

Playground-Related Statistics [21948] ?

Statistics about Playground Related Injuries

Public Sector Occupational Illness and Injury Rates [36685] ?

2008 nonfatal occupational injuries & illnesses requiring days away from work for State government and local government

SC-South Carolina Fatal Occupational Injury Data [12647] ?

Statistics from South Carolina OSHA on fatalities and on occupational injuries and illnesses

Sports Injuries Report [21717] ?

Yearly injuries per 1000 participants per sport - USA

Sports: National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research [22645] ?

Sports injury data that involve brain and/or spinal cord injuries

Sports: NCAA Injury Surveillance System [22644] ?

College sports injury statistics and related injury data

Surveillance of Mortality and Morbidity in U.S. Workers [17972] ?

NIOSH-funded study seeks to evaluate time trends for morbidity and longitudinal mortality

Transportation Safety Databases [22167] ?

Statistical databases related to transportation safety - aviation, marine, highway, rail, etc.

US Navy Safety Statistics & Data Anlysis [13420] ?

Series of safety statistical reports for the US Navy

USA 2000 Medical Expenditures Attributable to Injuries [24824] ?

An estimate of the percentage of total injury-attributable medical expenditures in 2000

USA Cost of Injury Reports [21561] ?

Cost injury estimates for fatal or nonfatal injuries

USA Transportation Safety Statistics [14791] ?

Safety stats for air, highway, transit, railroad, water and pipline transportation modes

WISQUAR: Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System [14070] ?

An interactive database system that provides customized reports of injury-related data

Updated Work-RISQS - Work-Related Injury Statistics Query System [34752] ?

National estimates and rates for nonfatal occupational injuries and illness treated in US hospital emergency departments

World Health Chartbook [6381] ?

A NIOSH report from 2000

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Fuel prices, new & used vehicle prices, taxes, cost of accidents

Fleet / Statistics
Statistics on highway safety, fatalities, blood alcohol levels, DUI costs, etc.

Managed Care / Medical Costs
Average cost for medical care per DRG code, medical procedures & costs, etc.

OSHA / Recordkeeping
OSHA recordkeeping guidelines, standards, fact sheets, etc.

OSHA / Statistics
OSHA injury and illness reports

Statistics / Fire
Government and industry sources of statistical data on fire incidents

Statistics / Health
Government and industry sources of statistical data on health conditions

Statistics / Mortality
Statistical data on mortality by occupation, industry, injury deaths, etc.

Statistics / References
Statistical textbooks, lectures, calculators, tutorials and more

Statistics / Safety
Government and industry sources of statistical data on workplace safety

Statistics / Transportation
Government and industry sources of statistical data on transportation

Workers Comp / Statistics
State workers comp agency statistical reports & analysis of worker claims

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